Sunday, July 31, 2011

Choral Tea Towel

My sister sent me this linen tea towel all the way from the UK. Love it!


Fruits of my Hubby's Labor

Charlottesville Road Trip

The hubby and I celebrated out 10th anniversary at Mas Tapas in C-ville this year. Driving down Route 29 we stopped at numerous antique and junk shops. Here's a helpful hint, if something in an antique store is marked at least $10 or $20 they will usually give you 10-20% off, just ask. Or if the owner of the stall happens to be present they are usually happy to bargain.

In the back is a yellow "man food" tray that I still need to clean by Chein Co., made in the USA. The illustration reminds me a little of pop artist Peter Max. SOLD

Herb illustrated linen tea towel signed "by hand wert" Found this info on Ebay: "Country Print by robert darr wert was hand printed and hand assembled by out neighbors who work with us in our barn workshop-set among the hillside ledges, wood lots and pastures along the peaceful Connecticut in in Gill, Massachusetts." Wert died in 1966. Mom freshly laundered it for me. SOLD

Royal Haeger matte brown vase 7.5"h, factory is still based in Illinois SOLD. A children story book in very good condition with bright illustrations. The hubby picked up a Civil War book.

A Raku lion with an illegible stampSOLD. It reminds me a little of Lisa Larson, ha ha. A Rosenthal Studio Linie white china cup & saucer by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala SOLD.

Taylor & Ng "Elephant" mug SOLD. A little glass troll by Bergdala of Sweden.

Below are a 1950-60's matched pair of circus clowns for ring toss game marked "Made in France" Bojensen style soldier see original in background. A favorite is the 1955-65 stamped "Bennington Pottery Design of Vermont" lidded jar with wood dowel designed by David Gil.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrift - IKEA Moose

Found today at my Fave thrift. Three 50 cents each cedar planks for the grill happy hubby. 1951 California artist Margo Alexander's framed gouache silkscreen. It has that 1940's feel, right? See the back label below. And what I call an IKEA Moose "King of Crappy Furniture" except he has a "Made in Sweden" sticker and he's not a pile of rubbish. Something one would buy in the airport. Paid 50 cents, he'll likely go in my wood figurine collection.

Thrift - Wirkkala Noire Vase

Tapio Wirkkala

So on the advice of fellow blogger Joe, I broke and purchased the vase by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala. It's marked: Rosenthal, Porcelaine Noire, Wirkkala, Studio Linie. Circa 1961. I'm still waiting for it to grow on me.

Thrift - Americana Pyrex & Perch!

Stopped by the GoodWill near my house and have never found much of anything there in the past. Usually the place is just full of plastic and old electronics but today was different. Paid a lot for the set of 3 Americana Pyrex bowls (one bowl missing) & divided casserole dish (lid missing) but this is the pattern I collect. Actually, this GoodWill always has lots of Pyrex but I don't think people buy them 'cause of the condition and high prices.

Pair of Boyton cat mugs and yet another FTD rainbow mug.

I knew instantly what the white ceramic ellipse's a bird feeder handmade in Brooklyn, NY by Perch! Because when I was looking for a modern bird feeder I considered this option. SOLD

St. Andrews Abbey plaque. Still bears the original label "St. Catherine of Sienna. I found a larger one a few months back. Probably not more than 10 years old. For Sale

I haven't found anything Finnish in ages so I was excited to see these Iittala 'Ballo' votive candle holders with label, designed by Annaleena Hakatie in 1995. SOLD

A plant pot with an interesting turquoise glaze. Signed Atlantic Mold. It's not worth anything but I put my little root bound succulent in it, I think she's much happier now!

Three decorative glass cube floaters probably from Japan, circa 1950-60. That I have found out are highly collectible. For Sale Little teak rabbit that needs some love.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrift - Raymond Peynet plate

So I returned to my Old Biddie thrift today, hoping they might have more mid century items and what luck, they did! I found a small but weighty German butter pan with rosewood handle.

A signed trinket box from Mexico very much in the style of Ken Edwards. I'm unfamiliar with the artist signature and know little about Mexican art or craftsmen. For sale on my Etsy site. I looked at that Wiirkala vase again, sigh.

But my most favorite find was this $4.50 Rosenthal Studio Linie pin dish or coaster by the French illustrator Raymond Peynet. How could I resist the squirrel?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thrift Score - Lisa Larson Tomte

Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal Porcelain Noire 1961, Studio Pottery Vase
Once again, I have not been updating my blog and will have to back date several of them. Lots of European finds today. In my Old Biddy store I passed on a Swedish blonde Folke Olsen chair that was overpriced and matte black 9" Rosenthal Tapio Wirkkala vase that was overpriced and not to my taste though I usually love his stuff. Also passed on deep blue plastic Dansk handled mixing bowl because of condition issues.

Picked up a glass decanter with walnut top SOLD. German Altenkunstadt corked schnapps bottle. SOLD

Blue plastic Hutzler spoon (I have 2 others in this color) And lastly, a Swedish molded wood tray with a lovely transparent aqua blue glaze that does not photograph well. SOLD

At my Fave thrift found a walnut end piece tray that I thought was Digsmed but it has no markings. SOLD to Mad Men.

A pair of unmarked enameled yellow and orange saucepans in very good condition SOLD. Probably was a set of 3 or four originally. A dark blue Rosti of Denmark pitcher designed by Erik Lehmann, this was the 4th item I picked up today that was this blue, weird SOLD. A little white lotus bowl and a small unmarked pottery orb. The score for today was the Lisa Larson figurine of a little boy Tomte candle holder SOLD 

For my sister a late 70's to 80's great textile graphic Girl Scouts blouse. I know that the Girl Scouts went all corporate in 1978 and graphic designer Saul Bass designed the green three faces logo. He also designed the Minolta & United Airlines logos and the identity for ATT. You'll be happy to know little girls overseas are safe from sweatshop factories because uniforms are still made in the USA. The book mark was found at the same thrift months ago.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Jelly

"How We Do It" in the South

Thrift - Humpty Dumpty

While visiting my Mom I stopped by her local thrifts. Picked up another ice cream maker, I had just sold one the day before on my Etsy site. Why isn't packaging designed anymore? SOLD

A well worn wood man crayon holder, that I just found out might be from the 1930's.

Bright orange large nosed Native American mascot for Camp Mohawk. Likely from the YMCA Girls Camp in Litchfield, CT. Late 1960 -1970's. For Sale on my Etsy site.

For my wood figure collection is a bright Humpty Dumpty. It might be an egg holder? Does the head comes off  cause its stuck. The bottom stamp is illegible probably Japan.

At GoodWill I found a lovely large pink, white and gold plastic tray by Georges Briard but all the corners were broken. A few handles martini decanters (they look like Pyrex coffee pots) that I passed since I thought the prices were high.

Up front are my mother-in-laws "Stonecraft Pink & Blue" McCoy mugs (she has an extremely large mug collection) These were never used and date from 1976. She's still looking for the pitcher then they will be for sale on Etsy. SOLD

Tip me h'at ta' ya' guv'nor!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrift - Koch & Lowy Brass Lamp

Found at my Old Biddy thrift a 1970's Koch & Lowy brass reading lamp. Made in USA. The bulb is so hot that over time it damaged the brass finish over the bulb, poo.

Thrift - The Ryans Irish Green Tablecloth

Fitz & Floyd 1972 Democratic donkey mug. Pair of pristine Cafe Mozart coffee mugs from Vienna SOLD. Box of retro fireplace matches for mom (my parents are terrified of setting fire to things). Boyton cat mug.

Small hand signed "Janin Yoa" water buffalo figure SOLD. *Update: This is Raku ware made in South Africa and retails for $50, hmm.

Large collection of Georges Briard gold embellished glass dishes included a cherry & pit bowl that I'm currently using. Unfortunately, the celery & olive dishes are missing the attached chain and fork.

Nymolle of Denmark "Hans Christian Andersen's Traveling Equipment" pin dish.

Found this green tablecloth (folded in half) which mom laundered all the stains out. Mom thinks "The Ryans" might be related to her, yeshhh.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thrift - Seeing Red!

Was out my doctor's way so I decided to stop at a couple of local thrift stores. At the first thrift, I found the never-used red Dansk piaya pan designed by JHQ. This is a later pan because of the handle design and it's made in Indonesia. There is a chip to the interior enamel you can bet that happened at the thrift and might be a deal breaker for resale plus it's not Kobenstyle. New Zealand plastic canister with red top and scoop for myself. There were two but sadly one had a crack. Red pitcher marked Copco SOLD. Passed on two more red enamel pans that were unmarked and overpriced.

At this particular GoodWill I'm always finding Hellerware. Set of tomato red plates, a color I've haven't seen before. Another rainbow mug from FTD.

Stopped by a dead estate sale too. Wow! Was it overpriced! Everything was mostly contemporary and ornate. Did pick up 14 vintage knee hugger elves SOLD. Blue German Rosenthal vase by Bjorn Winblad. For Sale. I need to work on my bargaining skills 'cause they suck.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrift - After the Shower

So after my sis-in-laws bridal shower I had to stop at 3 area thrift stores. A 50 cent Vera scarf and a $1 silk tie with tiny pink birds for my sis. There were 10-12 of the bear glasses but only picked up four. I have a large collection of various animals, we use them for whiskey, the men love them. A friend told me they were give-aways at gas stations years ago.

Small molded teak tray. The SPCA wouldn't sell me the large one because it didn't have a price tag. Someone probably removed the tag 'cause it was overpriced! 1976 Bicentennial tray for the hubby. Pair red lotus bowls plus a pink one with plate, made in Japan.

Japanese wood Kokeshi doll. The first I've ever seen in person. SOLD. Dansk decanter with teak top. SOLD

Thrift - Yellow Tupperware & Richard Meier

Well, I guess it'll take quite a find to beat the lamp from a couple of days ago. Just scrappy stuff today. Set of three bright yellow 1960-70's Tupperware bins in excellent condition.

A"The J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles" mug designed by the illustrious post-modern architect Richard Meier. I suspect the mug is from 1997 when the Museum opened though the art work seems 80's to early 90's and reminds me of David Hockney's pool paintings. Really wish I knew who the artist was... SOLD

Green glass Dansk candle holder. Glass Bodum cup. And last, a little collectible wood 1987 "Dragonfly" Van Cort Kaleidoscope.

By the way, I tried Trader Joes Blue Agave sweetener in my coffee and it wasn't too bad. Update, Agave is terrible for you!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thrift Score - Wild 1960's Space Age Lamp

Well, the thrift stores are still empty. But here is the coolest thing I've found in ages at my Fave thrift store! Brown Artemide "Telegono" desk lamp, designed by Vico Magistretti in 1966. Picked it up thinking it was some kind of outdoor sconce. Everyone else was baffled by it too. The hubby figured out the white casing moves to encircle the bulb, he's brilliant. Need to clean the lamp. What an exciting find!

Plus, a matched pair of never used 1984 rainbow mugs by FTD. SOLD And pair of lotus bowls.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday Package from Julia

Look what I received in the mail! Love this birthday present!

Julia lives in California and picked up this set from a thrift store for $9.99! I never see this stuff on the east coast, never mind a whole set.

Chartreuse speckled  "Parade" tea cups by Laurel Pottery of California. Designed in the 1950's by Ted Scarpino. This closely resembles my speckled Russel Wright plates so I can use them together.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thrift - Pretty in Pink & Krenit Bowl

Still slow at thrift stores but how could I resist this pair of "Pretty in Pink" Glasbake square cups. Picked up this near mint, signed & hand painted Russian lacquer box, I'm not familiar with these but I thought it was rather nice. Three 1960's yellow rose cloth napkins by Vera. I looked high and low for the fourth napkin and a tablecloth.

A Franciscan side plate, this is our pattern so it'll replace any chipped or broken plates. Deer glass to add to my 10 plus year collection. Someone told me these were promotion glasses for Exxon. Probably after the Valdez Oil Spill, hah, the irony. Bodum creamer and coasters. I bet someone bought the coffee glasses and left the coasters (I picked up a set in Denmark)

Found this 50-60's pale robins egg blue Krenit bowl, made in Denmark. It's the first time I've ever see Krenit outside of an auction. The interior is worn and there are 2 chips to the rim.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrift Score! Kosta Vase by Vicke Lindstrand

Vicke Lindstrand
Holy cow, look at what I found today at my fave thrift! My eyes grew big when I picked this baby up and knew what it was by it's weight. Looked on the bottom and was surprised to see an etched signature. I love this store-it's been so good to me! 9 inch tall Kosta vase by Vicke Lindstrand, circa 1955. Bottom signed "Kosta LH (Lindstrand Handblown) 3143" Made in Sweden. Weighs 2.5 pounds. Need to clean.
Bought this Mikasa creamer and cup & saucer because I thought they were by Ben Seibel. Found out, they are actually clones. Funny, one cup and 8 saucers? Vintage General Electric aluminum ice tray for myself. We had a pair when I was a kid along with the 1950's refrigerator. I like the big chunky ice cubes they make and they go great with whiskey.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thrift - Chemex

Thrift stores seem really empty of goods maybe because people are busy with summer vacations. Still I managed to find a few things that are decent. Cartoon puzzle for myself. I often like to do these and then return them to the thrift store.

Jacksons of Piccadilly Tea tin. Replica of a early Victorian tea caddy. Another white lotus bowl (I keep telling myself, I'm going to sell the vast collection and I'm not hoarding)

Berggrens Swedish style "The second day of Christmas" tile with felt back and hook. SOLD

The largest 10 cup Chemex coffee decanter. Missing wood collar but a new replacement can be ordered through the Chemex website. This well designed flask is in the permanent collection of the MOMA and Smithsonian. Invented and designed by German Chemist Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 this apparatus is supposed to brew coffee without any bitterness.

Found another display cabinet (the other is gold) These are actually made to fit between the studs of your wall. All you have to do is cut out a hole in your drywall between the studs and fit the cabinet into the space. You don't even have to finish the drywall because the cabinet frame will cover the unfinished edges. SOLD.

A large tin recipe box by J. Chen. I have a few of their lithographed tins with all the history in a previous post. Circa 1970's. Made in the USA. Little clothes pin Scottish cleaning woman for my wood figure collection. Large set of really nice good quality wood handle fondue forks made in Japan.

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Hot Out

Thrift - Lots of Plastic

Oh dear, I have so many posts to catch up on...

Here's a short one for today. I've actually been restraining myself & only picking up things that are decent. Plus, it seems to be a slow couple of weeks at the stores. Guess, with the vacations starting and it being a holiday weekend. Stopped at three stores but only found something in two.

Miraculously, found all of this at GoodWill (I never have luck here) Four white plastic Heller plates & two bowls designed by Massimo Vignelli. Excellent condition. Circa 1970-80's.

In addition, almost missed these seven LaGardo Tackett, what I believe to be blue stripe Sundae bowls, marked Schmid Porcelain. Circa 1960's. I was delighted to find these as Tackett is one of my fave designers. Green Pyrex long baking dish in mint condition for me (we use it all the time but I caught the hubby loading it into the dishwasher). So much prettier than the clear ones. Passed on a few Pyrex pieces as they weren't bargains, I didn't care for the patterns and I certainly don't need them.

From another thrift, I found this yellow plastic salad bowl set by Eric Kold. Made in Denmark. Circa 1970's. Looked and looked for the salad utensils but couldn't find them. For sale on my Etsy site

Will have to work on listing more items on Etsy as I have endless amounts of stuff!