Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrift Score - Finally Cathrineholm In The Wild

Woohoo found my first Cathrineholm bowl in the wild and in true red. Plus, an 80s wood recipe box and a second Dansk iron candleholder found at the same thrift that I had found the first a few weeks earlier. This one SOLD instantly too.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting Stuff In The Mail Is Awesome!

My trade with Jenny from The Creekhouse yielded this tiny Swedish wood Tomte with swinging pail. Isn't Jenny's business card sweet too. Mrs. Gnome has being added to my little family.

Plus there is a little Erzgebirge Valentine bower scene hand carved in Germany.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thrift Fail - Cracked Kaj Franck Jug

Taped to hell. Arabia pitcher cracked, vase chipped and passed on the Vignelli plates.

Thrift - Vera Tea Towels

Today was a good day and yellow themed! First time I've ever found Vera tea towels thrifting. Three of them unused with the tags! I'll have them listed soon or inquire through my Etsy shop if you are interested. Love the kitschiness of Joan Walsh Anglund - little box of illustrated plates for framing - perfect baby room decor.

Below a pair of tins. Two boxes of Dansk tiny tapers, pair of Campbells soups mugs and yes that's another Boynton mug you see, don't hate. And a mirror with a huge yellow plastic frame, unmarked hope it's not old Ikea. Sigh, Vera makes me happy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Estate - Iittala Flora Bowl

Stayed local and went to what was listed as an Antique Dealers sale. Which means getting rid of things that are broken or haven't sold. Basically a dealers flea market in a house. Prices were retail from what I could tell but people were buying, a lot of them dealers. Lots of vintage toys something I haven't any knowledge about so I stayed away. They had a huge junk table loaded with broken bits and broken jewelery for $5 each - umm right!

Saw a lot of German paper Easter items ect in peoples arms but the prices scared me.

Picked up three tins, a tiny rabbit, another partial Russian nesting doll and a egg menagerie for the mom-in-law. On my final walk through noticed an iittala Flora bowl holding a bunch of crappy Disney toys. So I'm happy with that find but it was not exactly a raving success when calculating out gas and time.

Thrift - Nothing Hot

Stopped by the thrift while in the area. Richard Scarry and Eloise illustrated books (plus an Asterix I forgot to photo) An interesting heavy teak ice bucket SOLD. Err a Sandra Boynton cat mug as well as a Harrods porcelain mug SOLD. And two small Russian lacquer boxes but not the nice ones SOLD. Over and out.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrift - Hans Agne Jakobsson

Tensor eyeball desk lamp a Sanrio book and some other children books. Pair of iittala mugs with Made in Finland sticker. Swedish ball candle holders, Swedish candles and little Boynton photo album.

At the bottom some vintage cards - have pile packed away somewhere. Below is a Swedish Hans Agne Jakobsson glass lantern top but I couldn't find the base though I know I saw it weeks earlier. Found the base later ...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thrift - Fail Danish Chairs

The day I don't have a car I find 5 Danish teak dining chairs. At $25 each they gave me pause anyway. Plus my hubby would kill me if I brought more furniture home. I'm sure they were snatched up the minute I walked away.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thrift - Dick Bruna Curtains

Gonna try and blaze through this. Must be going through thrift withdrawal as I stuffed my bag today? Large collection of Thermo-Temp raffia mugs and bowls SOLD.

Terence Conran's House Book, have his older version that I use frequently as reference. Pile of vintage hankies. Found the Micheal Lax Copco blue fondue pot stuffed in a corner as I was leaving the store SOLD. In my excitement, forgot to check under the mounds of tape as the wood knob has a sloppy repair, bummer! I'm a sucker for miniatures and kids wooden toys, see little pirates, sailors, gents and ladies ect.

Vintage pair of Dick Bruna curtains - thanks for helping i.d.

At my old biddie thrift found a Pat Albeck mug - she's a great British illustrator that's been around since "The Look" of the 1950s SOLD.

Thrift - Antique Erzgebirge Putz

Forgot to include a dry brush painted with milk-paint antique Erzgebirge village from the 1860s thru 1900 with unusual / rare corner pieces. I'm unsure about the dates but if anyone has info...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Garden Tomatoes

Harvested garden tomatoes and basil. Macerating in balsamic vinegar with red onions, sea salt and fresh coarse ground pepper.

Upton's Chorizo Seiton

I Don't usually go on hippie rants but this shit is the bomb! We use it in fried rice. We hate Chorizo sausage but this is flavorful, tasty and with the correct texture! Meat eaters won't know the difference. If your sensitive to gluten you will want to go easy on the stuff - a little goes a long way. 100% Vegan. Perfect for protein freaks too.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yardsale - Walmart Galore

Missed this monster huge rich lawyer estate sale yesterday cause I thought it was the following week. It was so crazy I hear that people drove down from NY and PA, yeah that crazy!

Bummed about missing what was probably the event of the summer just decided to drive to 7 yardsales around the neighborhood. Honestly, I think people only shop at Walmart, for all the plastic and kid crap displayed on lawns and in driveways! Only thing I found was this Made in Denmark Modulux / Lego storage box. Pretty damn cool though. Mom gave me a green one a couple of years back. It will be up for sale in my Etsy store soon. More info at

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrift Fail - Chipped Swedish Vase

After the estate sale stopped at a consignment store that I've only had luck in once. The sales person said quite a few dealers drop there goods off here. Fell in love with this Swedish vase but at home discovered a chip in the side and after I had checked so carefully! And I'm always yelling at Mom for buying damaged glass, dang it!

Kinda liked this contemporary lamp by Alex Marshall. One real Timo Sarpaneva candleholder and a fake sold as a pair.

Estate - Skjode Rabbit

Naturally, I was really late to this Italian estate sale but on other accounts was lucky and didn't get the usual estate pricer person and so all the goodies sold for a reasonable price. Found a Kartell red waste bin and a Luxo desk lamp. Another Kokeshi! A couple of remaining tea towels.

There was the most awesome hanging frosted glass and teak light but at $120 I thought was priced to close to retail, it was painful to pass. In fact, all the cool lights were priced at retail or above - again they were still there at 12pm.

Yes, that's a Garfield mug you see - they are collectible. Not a Dansk but rather a Skjode teak pepper mill, by far the coolest feature of this mill are the two grinding stones instead of the usual metal or plastic grinding wheels found on most pepper mills.

The boxes and boxes of Christmas ornaments were well-picked-over so one can only imagine the gems I missed but digging through the remnants I did find a Skjode teak rabbit SOLD. A little plastic deer, hot red glazed elf (is he missing a sled) and a Italy nativity ornament.

Hidden away was a lonesome botanical Arabia Finland plate for sale in my Etsy shop. Whistling boy in red Wellies by Mertens Kunst, no doubt from a German fairytale. And a little brass perpetual desk calendar.

Liked the pottery wall plaque made in Italy but it was damaged.