Monday, February 22, 2010

Estate: Trioh

Trioh of Denmark
1950 Teak Side Table with Ratton Shelf. Perfect condition with creamy caramel color. Hated to sell it but sold in 2 minutes. Paid $50 & Sold for $200.

Bought this at an awesome estate sale, house was on a lake. The husband was a lawyer & I think they were from NYC. Picked up a teak side table, Klint lamp, pair hanging lamps, broken Marzt lamp with top & shade, Lotta lamp with shade, Norway bowl, teak tooth picks

Passed Finel enamel mushroom bowl for $15, might have been a mistake? Yes it was!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Estate: Wall Unit & Walnut Lamp

"Uldum Mobelfabrik 7171"

This was the estate of a builder. The husband had modern taste the wife did not so all the cool stuff was in his office! Went with my mom on the first day - wasn't too crowded. Saw a fantastic pair of mint condition chrome scissors lamps, ones that come off the wall. $30 for both & I balked! Looked them up at more and they were 1970's designer around $500 each! I'll see if I can find a reference photo to post. I did buy a danish teak captain's dining chair. Very sturdy & just needed oiling.

Returned on the last day when everything was 50% off. Since I purchased so many things the sellers gave me more than 50% off. I bought a huge 3 bay wall unit of not great quality (two bays shown above.) Paid to much for it. Was one I should have run away from. For some reason I'm drawn to wall units but they are difficult for me to sell. This one took ages to get rid of & it was bid down really low. SOLD

Also got 2 Italian marble lamps. One has a chip & needs repair (photo to come.) Pair brass bookends (photo to come)

1960's Wire LP/Table which I have since donated.

Sold a 1960's Walnut Lamp & Table & Molded Magazine Rack. Linen shade included. Water rings to table top. SOLD