Friday, December 30, 2011

Daisy Figgjo Flint

How crazy is this! Figgjo Flint Turi Daisy small milk jug just sold Dec 18 on Ebay for $112.49 with 36 bids! I had the teapot and sugar too. Now I know. Sakari Pykala

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thrift - Plastic Trays

My fave thrift store is closed until the New Year and I'm having withdrawal. Stopped at the old biddie shop where everything was 50% off. Yuck, talk about the bottom of the barrel. Did pick up three interior design books from the 70's including a Conran Kitchen book..

At GoodW. I passed on a Pyrex Butterprint large mixing bowl with serious condition issues that I thought was priced too high at $5. But I've had the argument with GW workers before over Pyrex and condition, someone buys it in the end so what's the care. I found a collection of "Colonial Plastics, Cleveland Ohio" trays with four matching cups. I have quite a few of these already. I use them as drawer organizers but will be selling these. And a yellow Tupperware pitcher found a yellow one recently.

Hopefully things will pick-up with 2012. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

C'Ville Yeah Baby

So my sister's visiting from Dublin for a couple of weeks and she had a hankering for Mas Tapas in C'ville. We stopped at a few junk shops on the long drive down. At one shop, I found a retro abstract orange scarf (I can't resist the color) and a silk Peter Max scarf. Funny, how one finds multiples all at once. If you remember, I found one earlier this month Peter Max

At a second hand store I found this never used "Old Bleach" Irish linen tea towel. Ooo, my sister was so envious. In the same store she found a 1960's dress (I'll see if I can get a photo.)

At Mas Tapas we pigged out! Our favorites were grilled rare yellowfin tuna & grilled Catalan style shrimp. The cocktails were yummy and quickly drained! Our only disappointment was the Papas Bravas (potato dish) that is always a hit or miss. The the service is incredibly slow even for a weekday. The place really needs to high more people. Two people on the grill is not enough! But because we waited so long for our cappuccinos they were free. I recommend the cappuccinos they are rich, creamy and slightly sweet with steamed frothy milk.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thrift - Russel Wright

So my sister went out to a estate that was rubbishy. I don't mind dirty so much but complete junk! And dirty pricey junk!

Disappointed by such a stinky sale we stopped by three thrift stores and at one I found eight Russel Wright "Iroquois" tea cups sans saucers. A lone Ecko Japan knife. And how could I resist a pink glazed "Plum Gekkeikan" Kokeshi Japan decanter. I have a highly collectible white Benihana one too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thrift - Vintage Haba Horse

Took a quick stop at my fave thrift store not expecting to find anything so close to Christmas. But I was pleased to find this vintage wooden and leather fringe German "Haba" horse probably from 1960's. Waiting for Haba Germany to send me back the history on this guy.

"Heros" of Germany wheeled cart of wooden building blocks SOLD. Vintage colonial rocking horse, made in Japan SOLD

1993 Russian doll with only two dolls inside. Sandra Boynton Christmas cards from 1981. Two creepy flocked ornaments made in Taiwan. Pair vintage paper clip boxes.

Thrift - First David Stewart Pottery

Visited the old biddie shop and picked up a few items. A patent leather "Koret" purse for my sister. It has some scuffs that worry me. Inside is an attached coin purse and a small Bergdorf Goodman mirror.

First time, I've seen David Stewart pottery of California. Marked "Lion's Valley Stoneware #28." This wall pocket lions head is well made so I see why it's collectible. SOLD. Swedish candle holder with three spikes for apples and a German Erzgebirge angel candle holder. SOLD

Thrift - Vintage Apple Mug

At GoodWill found this Eva Zeisel "Marmite" bowl by Hallcraft White, circa 1952-7. SOLD 

And a vintage Apple computer mug. I haven't decided if I'm giving it to the hubby for Xmas as apparently these are highly collectible. But he would be the envy at work. I can post this before Xmas 'cause I'm safe with the knowledge he never reads my blog and detests my thrifting, junking, Etsy, ect.

Monday, December 19, 2011


The hubby received a small box of Vosges chocolates from a vender. Normally I detest truffles with their hard chocolate and golf ball size. Vosges truffles are tiny and most richly delicious! A selection of Marrone Pistachio, Eggnog & Jamaican Rum, Peppermint Candy Cane, and Holiday Plum Pudding. Our faves were Eggnog and Candy Cane. Alas, they are no more.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Table in a Book!

Click on image to enlarge
I was looking through my Leslie Jackson reference book and saw my rosewood table. How did I miss it before? It's for sale. Has a hidden enamel leaf. The top needs to be refinished.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Estate - Missed Timo Sarpaneva Cast Iron Casserole

My sister and I went to an estate sale in a very wealthy area. A lovely 1960's ranch on nice grounds that is going to be torn down, no doubt, to be replaced by a McMansion. And this wasn't a small house. Hmm, camera phone would be handy. Anyhoo, we arrived more than an hour after opening and still had to wait in line-always a bad sign! The prices were the second bad sign.

But I did manage to find a few things I liked. In the back is the largest staved teak Dansk serving board with the Ducks logo but it's not as old as the one I found a few months back. An old mark (dancing African figure) Digsmed teak board. Six piece coaster set is by "Anri Form" of Italy, prob. 1960's. You'll note that I found an Anri condiment set last month.

Picked up a pair a Boda Snowball votives for my collection at $3 each.

Small copper enameled unicorn plate that my sister loved. I think it's Sascha Brastoff or Annemarie Davidson? SOLD And a favorite designer of mine, LaGardo Tackett for Schmid Porcelain, set of espresso cups and saucers. I'll sell these as I collect the striped and plain white variety.

I actually went for the large black Timo Sarpaneva cast iron casserole for what appears to be $32. Can't tell if it's the old ones made in Finland or the new ones made in China (or those only the small ones?). Guessing it was old 'cause everything else in the house was. It was gone by the time I got there-bummer!

Estate - Faked Vase

Our third and last estate sale of the day. I usually avoid this company because they bring in tons of items and they mark most things retail. Today wasn't any different. Unfortunately, they do almost all of the mid century sales in the area.

Arabia Finland pale periwinkle blue "Ingrid" teacup. I found 4 or 5 a year or two ago. I need to start selling some of my tea cup sets as I have an unbelievable amount. Four vintage girl & boy mice, knee hugger style, made in Japan. SOLD

They were trying to sell these Lagardo Tackett as a sugar bowl and vase. When I mentioned the lid was missing the woman near blew her top. The vase is actually a tumbler. SOLD I picked these up 'cause I have the bowls.

My sister picked up a wallet.

Passed on two "Valencia" Arabia Finland 1960's plates handpainted and designed by Ulla Procope 'cause they were $22 each and I had no way of checking prices. I was tempted as they were very beautiful and probably a mistake to pass! There was some other Arabia dishes that I passed on as well.

We stopped at the thrift store and I found two little red Swedish pigs candle holders.

Estate - German Sale

Our second estate sale was a German family. The son talked about how difficult it was to sell his childhood toys and that his mother would be upset when she returned to her empty house.

The red desk lamp was the the son's he used to study by. He said it was designed by Fritz Hansen and made in Sweden-I didn't think it was slick enough to be F. Hansen. It's actually an L-1 version by Luxo made in Norway, circa 1970's. Originally designed by Jac Jacobsen in 1938 it's still in production today. It's a lovely working lamp unfortunately with a crack on the base, sadness. SOLD

I rescued a custard yellow Arabia Finland "Teema" or is it "Kilta"creamer vinegar cruet designed by Kaj Franck. It has a huge chip on the bottom. Fortunately, I recognized the matching egg ring. Production 1950-55. The son said there had been a whole Teema set but over the years accidents happened, sadness. Heavy bright yellow enamel creamer, maybe French. SOLD
This would make a great tablecloth 3 or 4 yards of neon green "Scallop" tiki style textile by Carol Baldwin Odell 1974. I haven't found any info on the artist-please comment if you do.

My sister picked up a vintage ski sweater, Vera slip and hats (see last photos) Plus, a 1952 W. German puzzle "The Animal Fair" by American illustrators Alice and Martin Provensen. All in all, I think it was a pretty good day of finds and hopefully I'll list things very soon.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thrift - Creepy Doll

We decided to visit some thrifts out in what I can best describe as "Hillbillyville" At GoodWill I found Taylor & Ng 1978 "Birds & the Bee's" mug SOLD. Recent production Russel Wright Oneida plates. They are not nearly as nice as the original versions (stupid buy). "Seven Dwarfs" Christmas doll (knee hugger) made in Japan SOLD. Small felt elf, Sweden/Japan SOLD. My sister picked up some records.

At another thrift found a vintage Japan tin and red Heller mug. Stopped at the Salvation Army and found nothing-I don't think I've found anything there in years?

Probably won't be going out to these thrift again as the finds weren't great (except for the mug) and the drive was long!

Thrift - Neon Mouse Bank

My sister is home from Dublin for Christmas. So we stopped at the local thrift. Neon mouse paper mache bank marked 1968. SOLD I know, I've said no more Pyrex but my sister insisted & it's in good shape but I think I have at least 4 of these yellow bowls now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Sweden

All of this belonged to a lady who emigrated to the U.S. in 1946 from Sweden. She eventually opened a business importing Swedish crystal and Scandinavian furniture.

Lisa Larson "Lotta" Kid series figurine for Gustavsberg, 1962-79. SOLD

Pair teak and wicker bread baskets, stamped "Made in Sweden." The little delicate white S+P and sugar shaker are by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg, I believe these to be quite uncommon. Unfortunately the salt has a hairline crack.  SOLD

Huge "Paprika" vase designed by Anna-Lisa Thompson (1905-1955) in 1948 for Uppsala Ekeby, Sweden. All hand incised. It weighs 12 lbs! The plan is to sell this but I'm unsure how to mail it safely.

Danish teak sculptural lamp by Ernst Henriksen, still wired for Sweden. SOLD More Spisa Ribb plates but these are seconds.

Gift in the Mail!

My German friend Dunja read my mind! Just when I was wondering where on earth to get incense cones for my smokers. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thrift - Snowbabies!

Headed out early today. Finally bought the yellow Tupperware pitcher that has been calling me for a
few weeks. 1970s Wood painting of spice rack, signed by the artist.

Pair of Heller bowls, I always think it's weird just to find a few Heller items. SOLD

Swingline stapler that I haven't decided if it's worth selling. Vintage Santa mug made in Japan SOLD. Baggie of birds but I just wanted the carved walnut, sticker underneath says "Made by Olga." These two unmarked wood soldier ornaments didn't do anything for me but I thought they were too well made not to purchase. Made in Austria? SOLD. Red hat bottle cork that, I think, is from Italy?

Paid decent dollars for a baggie of teeny tiny snowbabies but I had noticed a few of them were marked Germany.  In addition, when I pointed them out another lady watched me intently perhaps in hopes that I would put them down? Some of the German babies are marked 1935.

1980 Avon roller skate cologne bottle.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thift - Poor Little Angel

Went to my three local thrift shops this morning as I don't feel up to doing estate sales this weekend.

Marimekko Finland sole place mat though I understand there were four put out on the floor. White Copco spice rack with half the spice bottles. SOLD Pair of Japan knee huggers. Vintage Santa mug made in Japan. SOLD And a small winter themed tablecloth. Found the 6th Vera snowman napkin ring to the five I found a few days ago.

German Steinbach "Chimney Sweep" ornament. A victim of the thrift store is this a little Sevi, Italy "4 angel" for 10 cents.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrift - German Textile

Seem to be finding a lot of German items lately. Just ornaments today except for the kitsch yellow dog bank made in Japan.

All made in Japan in the 1960's; six knee hugger elves, stuffed cat and donkey. Many tiny ornaments still in bags all made in Taiwan. 

West German ornament of angel playing organ made by Christian Ulbricht. Two flat angel & horse ornaments, unsure of origin. Hanging cotton/linen German Christmas textile. SOLD

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thrift - Another German Smoker

Pickings are still slim though I did find a third German smoker in only a few weeks? German "Mushroom Picker" smoker.

I love the Department 56 wood matte painted advent calendar that someone made a new number cover though. Hmm, what to do about that? Teak spice stand will look lovely once oiled. SOLD Little velvet clad Santas. SOLD

Yep, another Boynton mug, I can't resist these. Teak coaster set. SOLD Paul Frank style "Holland" cow mug from Amsterdam. Five Six Vera napkin rings. 1980 ceramic gnome. SOLD

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thrift - Yellow Day

Theme of yellow today. Another Iittala beer mug. Barely used yellow Copco salad spinner designed in 1979 by Sam Lebowitz, needs cleaning. 1970-80s Christmas ornaments, red flocked Santas SOLD. Yellow fisherman German smoker SOLD Ceramic Lisa Larson style cat bank, made in Japan. SOLD Peter Max Horoscope scarf.

Thrift - Mom's Finds

Mom picked me up some things at the thrift store. Pair of brass candle holders marked "PL DK, Danish Design, Made in Denmark, Pats Pend." Can't find any examples. Is PL the initials of the designer?

1960's modernist Gorham silverplated candleholder. SOLD And a small Dooney & Bourke, All-Weather Leather purse, dated 1983 to early 90's. SOLD

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thrift - Waechtersbach Christmas

Waechtersbach West Germany Christmas red mugs SOLD and tiered cake stand SOLD. Glass storage jars, McCoy pitcher (have 2 matching mugs) SOLD. IKEA display box NIB. Another Boynton mug. Tiny German angel candle holder.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kosta Boda "Reindeer" Candleholder

Just bought this new for $80. Debating on whether to keep it. Designed by Bertil Vallien in 2005 for Kosta Boda of Sweden.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrift - Little Swedish Figures

Went to four thrift stores a good distance from my house. Haven't found anything at them in ages. Did pick up this interesting lint brush, the hat & brush separate from the lower half. Don't know anything about it. It's pretty well made and heavy. Another birthday Boynton mug (I finally sold one)

A red Erzgebirge Christmas candle holder it spins but is missing a gold star on a spike. Nymolle "Maroc" cup and dish designed by Paul Hoyrup. I didn't notice the big chip until I got home, dang. Yellow Danish Rosti server. Sheffield England "Made Danish" knife with wood handle part of a carving set.

Picked up three swedish ornaments in an Antiques store for my collection. The windmill is marked Svensk Slöjd, which translates to Swedish Handicraft.