Friday, December 16, 2011

Estate - Missed Timo Sarpaneva Cast Iron Casserole

My sister and I went to an estate sale in a very wealthy area. A lovely 1960's ranch on nice grounds that is going to be torn down, no doubt, to be replaced by a McMansion. And this wasn't a small house. Hmm, camera phone would be handy. Anyhoo, we arrived more than an hour after opening and still had to wait in line-always a bad sign! The prices were the second bad sign.

But I did manage to find a few things I liked. In the back is the largest staved teak Dansk serving board with the Ducks logo but it's not as old as the one I found a few months back. An old mark (dancing African figure) Digsmed teak board. Six piece coaster set is by "Anri Form" of Italy, prob. 1960's. You'll note that I found an Anri condiment set last month.

Picked up a pair a Boda Snowball votives for my collection at $3 each.

Small copper enameled unicorn plate that my sister loved. I think it's Sascha Brastoff or Annemarie Davidson? SOLD And a favorite designer of mine, LaGardo Tackett for Schmid Porcelain, set of espresso cups and saucers. I'll sell these as I collect the striped and plain white variety.

I actually went for the large black Timo Sarpaneva cast iron casserole for what appears to be $32. Can't tell if it's the old ones made in Finland or the new ones made in China (or those only the small ones?). Guessing it was old 'cause everything else in the house was. It was gone by the time I got there-bummer!

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