Saturday, April 30, 2011

Estate Mom's Finds

Stuff my Mom found for my sister. Yeah, it's going to be fun to pack my suitcase in a few weeks!

The Great Escape

Thrift - London Tea Towel

Collection a illustrated children books. 1950-60's flocked little white rabbit with real fur tail, made in Japan. 1970's Nybro Swedish crystal owl head designed by J & S Brattstrom. SOLD

Pair of Noritake China "Mardi Gras" pattern teacups. Brilliant matte white finish with speckled patterned edge. The hot tomato red orange detail gives great contrast against the white. Production 1969-79. Made in Japan. 

"London" linen tea towel probably from the late 60's, freshly laundered. SOLD. Plus, a fantastic, very thin glass decanter with cork stopper. Can't find any info. but I'm pretty positive that it's Swedish or Scandinavian.
1930's "Donald Duck" Post's Bran Flakes and Grape Nuts promotional Beetleware cereal bowl.  These were given away with purchase of cereal. For Sale on my Etsy site

"Butterfly Gold" Pyrex deep casserole dish without lid. 

Huge collection of Heller red dinner and side plates by Italian designer Vignelli.

1930's Beetleware


Friday, April 29, 2011

Thrift - Atomic Magazine Rack

Forgot to add this to my finds. This piece is very heavy, large and solid. Likely American. Don't know if this would be worth shipping. You can see from the Living issue that the rack is sized for the large magazines from back in the day. Yes, the white slippers probably not original need to be replaced with black, where to get?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thrift - Taylor & Ng Trivets

More Pyrex. I will have to sell it all very shortly (except for my two favorite patterns) as I'm starting to collect an astounding amount! Short on lids too.

Very large Taylor & Ng, San Francisco trivets or wall plaques."L'Agneau" 1984 SOLD & "Doggie Do Good" 1982. Made in Japan. Found a pair of Taylor & Ng mugs a couple of weeks ago.

Menu "Nothing Without You" (corny or slippy translation?) candlesticks. Very heavy precision machined holders with cork bottoms. Designed by Pernille Vea. Gold & silver plated hearts that can be engraved. New in box SOLD 

Another Bing & Gr√łndahl blue plate (Mother's Day). Honestly, I don't know why I buy these? Merged in 1987 and is now Royal Copenhagen. Plastic perpetual calender pencil cup. Made in Hong Kong. I was so upset as I promptly dropped it down the stairs and the top ring cracked. Ring up "No Sale"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Phone by Henry Dreyfess

These phones are from my hubby's grandmothers farm in Tennessee. The 1984 blood red phone is a "Model  500" designed in 1949 by the famed industrial designer Henry Dreyfess. SOLD

The froo froo Victorian is god awful.

Aurgh, I have to do something about taking photos out of focus. It's driving me crazy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Estate - Danish Credenza & Post Modern German Cutlery

All of this from an estate that was full of 1970-80's danish mid century. Very few people showed up. It was an odd sale. 1970's teak candlesticks slightly in the Rude Osolnik style. Sold

"Nissen Danmark" teak salad servers. Sold

Mom snagged the cutlery box while she waited for me to show up. William Frasier 1982 "Helsinki" stainless steel cutlery set for 12 with box. Made in Germany. It's very sleek and modern. Problem is, now I have two cutlery sets, what to do?

She also picked up a Swedish frosted glass globe lamp with teak stand. It's very bright. SOLD

Also purchased a smaller teak credenza made in Denmark that mom ended up keeping. It's a rather nice one made with secondary wood. Don't mind the mess at my mom place. Left a bid for a Norwegian dining table but I guess, I lost.

Estate - Metherwell Art


Here is a picture of the mixed media artwork I purchased at the German cutlery estate. It's over 6 feet tall and weighs a ton (hardboard) It's signed "Metherwell" not Robert Motherwell (one of my favorite artists) a difference of a few hundred thousand dollars. Probably dates from the late 70's-mid 80's

Friday, April 22, 2011

Stig Lindberg "Spisa Ribb" Dinner Set

Click on pictures to enlarge

Tea cups Sold

10" Dinner Plates $25 each. A lot of gray marks on the white eating surface

10" Dinner Plates $25 each. A lot of gray marks on the white eating surface

8" Plates $22 each. Few gray marks on the white eating surface

6.5" Bread & Butter/dessert plates $17 each. They have a few gray marks on the white eating surface

6.5" Bread & Butter/dessert plates $17 each.
Sorry folks. SOLD OUT. They went fast. Only have saucers left, I'll be visiting Denmark & Sweden in a few weeks. Hopefully, I'll find time to shop.

If you have any questions please contact me:

Through my etsy store:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Gift from Germany

Look what Dunja & Jason brought from Germany for me! Chocoooolate! Mmm, Milka.

And a hand painted "Rooster" Easter egg. They are painted by old German ladies who start after Christmas so they are ready for Easter. I understand it's a dying art.

Thrift - Dansk Finland & I Hate Housekeeping

Jens H Quistgaard "Orecast"

One pot turns into two pans

Missed a complete set of Japan vintage cutlery including servers by a couple of minutes. Some guy bought them-what do you think he wanted them for?

Urgh, spring break at my fave thrift, it was packed, packed with white folk, not good!  Did manage to pick up this 1970 Jens H Quistgaard Orecast cast iron pot. It weighs a ton! Figure the high price tag & black color kept other thrifters away. Stamped "Dansk Designs" "Finland" "JHQ" Described as rare. Some damage to one of the wood handles, otherwise, enamel and cast iron in good condition.

"The I Hate to Housekeep Book" by Peg Bracken also the author of "The I Hate to Cook Book" Drawings by Hillary Knight (best known for illustrating Eloise) A very funny book. Published 1962. "Houses Architects Live In" by Barbara, 1978. Sigh, dreamy houses. SOLD

Some retro cards from the 1955-60's. Ten cards drawn by Reuban Kramer for the Walter Art Gallery. Dated 1965. Reuben Kramer was Maryland's most celebrated sculptor and alum of MICA in Baltimore.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gift from Dunja's Mom

"Raimond" silverplate sugar scuttle or world traveler. Dunja's mom purchased at a estate sale in the late 80 early 90's, took with her when she moved to Germany and now it's back in the States. It scoops a lot of sugar for those that like sugar. Here it goes into the china cabinet.

Monday, April 18, 2011

EJS Brushed Brass Cone Wall Sconce 1959

Courtesy of Rejuvenation 

EJS Lighting Corporation of Los Angeles, California.

There were two, unfortunately, I wasn't able to take the other off the wall. Finished in a light brushed brass, tiny holes perforated into the shade to allow a bit more of a glow. White enameled interior. No damage to finish but needs a good cleaning. Adjusting handle made of plastic. Metal made of aluminum. Stamped "EJS Corp" "Union Made" paper label. Made in USA. Sold

Estate - Blue Plastic Deco Wall Lamp

How cool is this? Love the interesting way the light is cast. Found at an incredible estate sale well over a year ago (maybe two?) No makers mark. Probably USA, 1950's. Sold

Package Postage

Hmm, learned a lesson mailing two packages today. Severely, underestimated the postage. Yikes. Will have to figure out where I went wrong and adjust postage on Etsy. I hate that postage has to cost so much.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Henning Koppel Teapot

Henning Koppel "Form 24" Teapot with Teak Handle for Bing & Grondahl 1962

Thrift - Jonathan Adler Kitty Cats & Rosti Denmark

Jonathan Adler "Kitty Cat Salt & Pepper"
My exciting find was the Jonathan Adler, black & white "Kitty Cat Salt & Pepper" set. Unused. Still has labels on bottom. Sadly, no box. SOLD They retail for $48.

Vintage "Dundee Marmalade" stoneware jar. Would have probably had a wax paper top. Not sure about the age yet? 1900-1950. I'm guessing it's pre-metric since the weight is "1 Lb. Nett" SOLD

My favorite color is orange, so I was happy to find this Rosti Denmark "Copenhagen" style tray.  "Mepal Dinnerware Designed by Bjorn Christensen" (have a lone orange "Copenhagen" egg cup.)

Taylor & Ng San Francisco 1980
Rorstand of Sweden
Sometimes, I'm a sucker for cute Hallmark stuff. 12 litho prints by Joan Walsh Anglund. Late 1960's. Pair of collectible "Taylor & Ng San Francisco 1980" mugs. I passed on a third for some reason?

Orange Rosti Denmark "Margrethe" mixing bowl.

1960-70 "Butterfly Gold" Pyrex short casserole dish in very good condition. Found this little Rorstand Sweden side plate with blue detail. I think, I remember a matching tea cup & saucer, guess they sold. Haven't found the pattern yet, probably 1950's. "Eales 1778, Italy" mid century silver-plate bread basket.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrift - Paul McCobb Chair

Image courtesy of

Found this at my old biddy thrift. I knew immediately what it was but the previous owner of this chair was in the store and said it was from Scan. My ass! It's American made! And why did he only have one? Bet he picked it up at a garage sale in the 1980's. Well, after he said it was Scan, I knew, I'd have to pay a lot for it.

It's actually a 1949 Windsor chair (#1531) designed by Paul McCobb's Planner Group. Manufactured by Winchendon; part of the Planner Group Series. Made of Maple this chair is rock solid & very heavy. It's well sized too. And though it looks hard it's very comfortable to sit in. Guess, he actually took time designing this chair. It's in very good condition with no breaks & light wear. Anthropologie likes to use his chairs as set props, ha ha ha.

Wooden side chair sold at that time for $17.95. That's $144 dollars in today's money compared to 1955.

I just learned that Directional Furniture are his high-end items.

Below is the desk the chair is often pictured with.