Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zucchini Bread

Baked zucchini bread with raisins, chocolate chunks and pecans. Thanks Ms. Gloria for the zucchini!

Thrift Score - Another Fail

Looked at this folding rocking chair when I enter the old biddy shop. Had an old 60s Japan paper label but I balked at the $69 price tag. When I came back to take a second look the picker dealer with store store in the city(I see him at all the estate sales now buying everything) you see in the pic was on the phone calling his partner about the chair. Thanks to Bit of Butter, it's the Ny Rocking Chair designed by Takeshi Nii in 1958. This is the second thing I've lost in the past few weeks at the same shop.

Didn't find much at my fave stop. This is my third large Chemex but this one has a green stamp. A tiny Sevi angel, a tin recipe box and for a friend a cake server just marked stainless. One the bottom what is probably a 1940s waxed wood shelf.

Left a pink gooseberry Pyrex casserole with lid cause it had a nice chip on the bowl rim, guessing that's why it was still on the shelf as I was late. Ended up putting back a few more items as I was just desperate.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thrift - More of the Blahs

Not much at thrifts. Kalmar teak storage box. Little Sevi Italy nutcracker man he's cracked in the back so he'll stay with me. 1940s California pottery horse planter. Picked the best rabbits from a donated collection. The tiny guys below are by Hagen Renaker a California company SOLD.

A large tupperware container which I use these every day as they are substantial and color coded so your never looking for the lid. Couldn't resist the mod elephant mugs SOLD.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thrift - Egg cosy

Visited a few thrifts by my mom. Will enjoy perusing the Pillsbury Cookbook, see the Tackett casserole on the front. Pair of felt egg cozies All the black is stitching and they are lined as well. A pristine hand rolled lawn cotton poodle hanky, label. Two sets of teak smorgasbord plates probably from Denmark. And a recipe tin with cards.

At GWill picked up some text Coffee and Tea jars SOLD and a Moonshine glass SOLD for my hillbilly hubby. I don't think he was thrilled by it-oh well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thrift - Raggedy Ann

Slim pickings today. Skipped estate sales this weekend past as I didn't see anything worth a 30 or 40 minute drive. Pair of Raggedy Ann Jeanette milkglass mugs. Thin glass ginger jar and four Eternia forks. Maybe better luck next week.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thrift - Poo On Me

Holy Moly, the thrift store was packed with pickers today! So you can imagine how excited I was to find the hand-painted German cheese dome. If you recognize the mark let me know. Anyway, once home, I discovered the bird handle had been repaired. Guess that's why it was still on the shelf. In addition, I never find crap this nice at my fave thrift so poo on me! The illustrations and workmanship are so fine that I'll keep it for myself despite the damage.

The owl mug was still on the shelf so picked it up. And a puzzle for me.

Passed on a little Fenton milk glass turtle ring holder, if it's there next time, I'll pick it up. Passed on a nice teak baguette slicer/server 'cause it was crazy crack priced. Noticed that prices have been doubling and tripling at my fave thrift. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrift - The Horrible Horrible Heat

As you may have heard the east coast was hit by rather a violent storm. Fortunately, we were unaffected though many parts of our township have been out of power for days. Even our post office was offering only partial service.

Oh dear, I haven't been keeping up with my posts. I skipped thrifts and estate sales last week. Guess the insipid heat and barren shelves have left me wane. Today, there was nothing at the old biddy shop except for crazy prices for anything vintage; $25 for an "eh" 60s purse and $75 for a leather belt-spppzzzz.

At my fave thrift decided to pick it up this spendy but minty Digsmed Denmark Lazy Susan. You'll see that it's taped within an inch of its life. Another rainbow mug-haven't found one of these in ages. And last, a little W. German Betsy Ross real fur (gross) mouse (I have a nun somewhere too) Passed on a Avon wicker owl mug that I now realize I should have picked up.

After the steamy and over-crowded thrift it was to hot to go anywhere else.