Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mister Turtle

Our little backyard turtle whom I only see once or twice a year decided to make an appearance. He's enjoying salmon skin that we had grilled earlier. The little glut.

Thrift - Dansk IHQ

Dropped off donations at my old biddie shop. Only picked up the Swedish EKS scale even though I had mixed feelings about it SOLD.

Forgot that I wasn't supposed to buy anymore cutting boards when I saw this teak lovely marked: Dansk Denmark IHQ. You see the very thin glass walled Italian perfume bottle at the bottom? Well, it have a match. My basket tipped and I watched in slow motion, one roll into the other. Thinking to myself "Hmm, one of those is going to break" Doh!!! It still pains me to think about it. SOLD

Monday, May 28, 2012

Moms Finds

Mom found me a few things. More mod flower tins SOLD and an 80s Japanese lacquered jewelry box by Otagiri with a hidden mirror. An Australian, Florida souvenir and Irish surname tea towel. Thanks! And a Dansk Spider designed by IHQ SOLD.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrift - Boynton Card

At the old Biddie thrift I was looking at an interesting brass and glass coffee table likely 1980s - will try and get a photo next time. All I found were a pair a rainbow mugs SOLD. This shop is seriously picked over by "The Antiques Roadshow" (I say this because it is all they ever talk about!) ladies volunteering.

At the next thrift found a Sandra Boynton card - doubt it's a popular one, oh well. Price Charles & Diana 1981 wedding mug SOLD and a Marimekko tulip mug SOLD. And last a rose & thistle silk Vera scarf for the sis. Had enough of thrifting and decided to skip GWill. Visit my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Did some planting and weeding (it's been two years) Hardly impressive when compared to my Mom's garden, pictured below. But I'm happy if plants don't die on me!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Estate - Birdcage

Went to a localish estate sale this morning, I was interested in the black "Birdcage/Papageno" teapot ect by Raymond Loewy. Someone was just moving/downsizing and the house was virtually empty. The Van Briggle three stem vase is $68 ($22-50 on Ebay) this should have been a clue, didn't bother asking the price of the Van Briggle conch.

Anyway, the set of five "Birdcage" charcoal pieces was $120-most definately NOT estate sale prices! In fact, I suspect these items were salted since everything in the house was new. It was run by a German lady who's favorite saying is "it's vintage" and therefore costs a lot of money. Her sales are always empty-I'm guessing people have caught on? Except for myself-duh.

Looked at a cool tan leather doctor style bag but it was made in China so I decided to pass.

Fortunately, the following thrift finds made up for this crappy sale.

Thrift - Karhula-iittala

Found a box of Karhula-iittala blue glass bowls at my fave thrift! They date sometime just after 1956, the year Timo Sarpaneva designed the "i" logo, as I understand Karhula was dropped from iittala before the 60s. There is even the original price tag on the back. They appear to be the i-series but I'll need to do research.

Little Merten German wood cut-out titled "Max and Moritz mit Brezel" A pair of huge El Palomar Ken Edwards mugs. They aren't signed Ken Edwards but have the little bug symbols of the artisan and I have seen these exact mugs signed Ken Edwards SOLD. A La Modern informed me that KE might have left the company by the time these mugs where made?

"Crown of Thorns" iron candle holder signed JHQ, Denmark SOLD. Not to shabby after such a long dry spell. Oh, and a small noire Rosenthal Studio Linie vase found at GWill SOLD.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moms Finds

Mom found a couple of things for me at what she described "a dumpy church sale" A Chemex coffee pot and a little Danish Nymolle dish illustrated by Hoyrup SOLD.

In addition, there is an advertising mug for Black & Decker by Kiln Craft, England and a 1966 children book "The Travels of Monarch X" I have to mention that as a child, I remember seeing loads of Monarchs during the summer but now, I can't remember the last time I saw one?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thrift - Italy Wax Matches

After the flea market stopped by my fave thrift where I found nothing but at the old biddie shop found three Danish mugs made by Desiree they look to be 70-80s. My favorite are these little wax matches from Italy perfect for your bridge game-reminds me of I Love Lucy. The box is marked: Guest Matches by Jayne Roberts. And a vintage pack of playing cards.

Flea Market - Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly

My community had it's spring giant yard sale this morning. I slept in as the sale tends to be rather stinky. With glorious weather the grounds were packed with crowds! I'm being generous in saying the sale was 95% baby clothes. To say the least, shopping took less than 30 minutes.

Did miss out on a set German paper nesting eggs. In the end, all I found was a glass candy jar SOLD, vintage Japan dog SOLD (next to my smaller blue doggie) and three Dorothy Thorpe roly poly's with sterling silver bands. SOLD

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrift Miss

Missed this pair of Garfield Redskin mugs-they were mint too. When I went back they were gone! Thats what I get for not having a phone with the intertubes!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thrift Score! Erik Hoglund

Found only one thing at my old biddie shop but its a gem. Thought at first it was a doggie biscuit jar. Its a huge 3+lbs unsigned Erik Hoglund for Boda Sweden bottle w/polished pontil with cat seal/emblem (next to my Hoglund decanter) Probably left over from the all the Scandi items the thrift had last week. Up among the cheapo vases $5 probably deterred people. It's going into my small but growing Hoglund collection.

At my fave thrift passed on a chipped black matte Sasaki teapot design by Massimo Vignelli a shame cause it would have matched my sugar and creamer set.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Estate - Part II

Thought I'd divide this into two sections since there is so much stuff. At my fave thrift found a pair of molded souvenir plywood trays; map of Lake Geneva SOLD and the other of a Swiss train station in the same region. Look! Found a faux Boda Snowball! Nope, it' a real Kosta Boda snowball. B+G, Copenhagen Viking trivet by Antoni SOLD. Passed on a minty roadrunner Couroc bowl as these don't seem to be sellers.

At GoodW noticed the black globe - generally I pass on globes, even donated one last year but I believe black tends to be more unusual. Looking closely most of Africa is French, Germany and Korea are undivided and there is a French Indo-Chine SOLD. Probably dates from 1939-42. Yes, that is more Pyrex...err...they'll go with all my yellow bowls, right? And last, a 1976 Zodiac milkglass mug SOLD and another Boynton mug.

Estate Score! Arabia & Rorstrand & Kartell

Didn't feel like thrifting today but managed to drag myself to 'em before lunch. And good thing, I went 'cause it looks like things are picking up at thrift stores. At the very top you'll see a set (one bowl chipped) of Arabia Finland "Ruija" designed by Ulla Procope, 1977-81. Thought these might match my Anemone set at home but turns out these have a slight brown tint in the body glaze. The days of the biddies not knowing what Arabia is have been gone for a year or two-damn the internet. In other words, Scandi stuff is no longer cheap! Mugs are SOLD.

At the same thrift (a Scandi must have donated all their household items) found 10 Rorstrand Sweden cups and saucers (one's chipped) If you know the designer let me know. The line drawings of petite flowers are darling. A Hoganas Sweden jar (might be missing its cork lid) and a Swedish table runner. SOLD

And there is still more; a bright yellow Kartell bin/planter I believe to be designed by Gino Colombini, another corked jar(these suckers love me) Pair of Couroc mushroom glasses SOLD, a little flower tin SOLD and a white owl incense burner SOLD. Passed on a set of Dansk Bistro tea cups designed by NR and two faux Boda snowballs though it was very hard.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thrift - Finnish Vase

Just went to my fave thrift even though I wasn't in the mood. The shelves are bare bare bare! But I did find the ever popular corked jars. All my 70-80s kitchen design books are littered with these buggers. A Nambe "Flume" Vase designed by Karim Rashid in 1994 that needs polishing. Hmm turns out polishing isn't an option.

Muurla, Finland handmade handkerchief style glass vase designed by Pertti Kallioinen SOLD. Circa 1980s. And for the sis a Pennsylvania tourist handkerchief. Sigh, it's nothing compared to my compadres on thriftbreak but I blame it on living in the south.