Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrift - "Running to Hold You Fit"

Benihana "Kokeshi Doll"
From my fave thrift store I found a "Running to Hold You Fit" (direct German translation) W. German half liter stoneware beer stein. It's for holding your beer while you run. Late 1970 - early 1980's according to the short shorts and knee highs.

Pair of Pyrex bowls which I usually don't buy because they cost tons & are rarely in good shape. "Miffy" plate by Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna 1986. Back labeled "By Kanesho Toki" which I think is a Japanese department store.

Åre coffee table book, 5000 editions. Åre is an area in Sweden known for alpine skiing. This book must have come over from Sweden with someone because there's a TSA ticket inside. To bad the English translation is rather poor but the pictures are great.

White ceramic Benihana Tiki "Kokeshi" mug, depicting a traditional Japanese doll. Impressed "Benihana Toyko" on back. Stamped "Japan" on bottom. Described as rare. 1978 Garfield tin illustrated by Jim Davis. Made by Bristol Ware, Burlington NJ (Chein Industries.) Studio Nova, Japan (Mikasa) glass Christmas votive. Various Easter cards.

Pair tea cups designed in 1985 by Massimo Vignelli for the Japanese company Sasaki "Colorstone" in matte white. "Decoration is usually obtained by adding something. Since our design process is based on subtraction, we obtained decoration by removing the glaze from the edges, exposing the material." I've been finding a lot if Vignelli lately, all the plastic stacking Hellerware Maxmugs.

Also found a huge double matte framed 1979 poster of "California Wildflowers" (dang, if I only had a camera phone) for $7.50 but then I noticed a crack in the glass corner so I passed.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Eva Solo Bird Feeder Design Fail

So I had been languishing over this glass bird feeder for two years. The hubby gave it to me for Christmas and boy was I excited! I opened the box and a little of the excitement died. You see, the feeder was very small, disproportionate for something that was going to make a statement in the backyard. The hole for the bird was very tiny, smaller than a sparrow would be able to enter (canary you see in the above pic. is a midget!) I looked on the box to see where the feeder had been manufactured. No info. Translation: China. Even though the box touted Danish designers, coolness, blah blah. Against my better judgment I decided to keep it.

Birds seemed to be freaked out by the clear glass. There was no perch. The hole was just to small for them to land and eat. Plus, it swung wildly if they attempted to land.

Finally, a squirrel chewed through the copper hanging wire and the damn thing fell to the ground and shattered into a million pieces. There went over $60, didn't even last 3 months. This is the very reason I don't buy new. Complete crap. Plus, if it lasts 30 years it must be durable & relevant.

Obviously, no product testing.


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Dad's beloved dog. He pee'd on the hubby today.

Mom's Birthday

Daffodils, Ireland book, handmade pottery sugar bowl (I forgot to photograph) and a pear tart. I was to lazy this year to make Italian apple-lemon tart.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mom's Score! Worlds Smallest Pistols

Should have gone to this sale with Mom she really scored! She found a small "Me And You" cocktail set. Sold. Teak, rope & rabbit fur "The Pessimist" by Hans Boiling, made by Orskov & Co., Denmark.  Original cost $2.39 in 1960 that's around $16 in today's money. This a nice a heavy piece of wood with inset eyes. Sold.

A large top or pourer? Does anyone know what this is? A smaller German made tap or pourer. Stamped "D.R.G.M. Sch" Which apparently means "Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster (German Reich Registered Design." Probably 1930's. Does anyone know what this is? These are both mysteries.

Square garnet cufflinks by "Swank." Swordfish tie clip by "Swank." All for my sister.

A pair of 1930's nickel "Berloque - Hind and Hare" 2mm pinfire miniature guns. They are machined by watchmakers in Austria. These suckers are tiny! They actually fire caps too! They probably were watch fobs. Geez, my hands need lotion. For my sister.

Estate: Fornasetti Poster

This was listed as an estate sale but there where only two rooms barely filled with items. Should have NOT been listed as an estate sale. Fortunately, it was very close to home. Only thing that struck my fancy was this large "Fornasetti, Designer of Dreams" poster of string instruments. Priced at $18, I wasn't that crazy about it even thought it was professionally framed. I returned the following day for the 50% off sale. After my pitiful failed attempt at bargaining I paid $9 & left. Now if I can only get the hubbie to hang it?

Piero Fornasetti was a 1950's Milanese decorator that often worked with the famed Italian architect & designer Gio Ponti (Domus magazine) No doubt your familiar with Forn. designs as his works had a revival with Victoria & Albert Museum London exhibition in 1991. The book can be purchased. Patrick Mauriès, Fornasetti Designer of Dreams, London.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Thrift: Atomic Sunburst Clock

Had better luck at my fave thrift store this week. "Elgin" 1960's atomic sunburst clock. Wood & brass. I was surprised no one else had snagged it? Maybe too big. It's over 2 feet long. Surprisingly, hubby's parents liked it, I never know, and said it should go over the fireplace. I have to admit it has pizazz in that location. SOLD

1960's Merion Golf Club-Lee Mackey, Jr. 1950. Baltusrol Golf Club-1937, Oakland Hills-Ben Hogan glasses. Near perfect condition. Found the carrier image on Ebay, wahhh!

Pair "On the Rocks" glasses. Swan Chalkware Plaque. Signed " 1965 Miller Studio Inc" Missing the matched pair. Started 1954, Ohio. Pinocchio from Italy, probably a tourist item.

"American Tempo, Japan" 33 cutlery pieces. Still new & shiny. Prob 1950-60's. SOLD

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pyrex Butterprint

Mom found this Pyrex Butterprint Turquoise Mixing Bowl. Granted it's not in perfect condition. Circa 1957. I have this complete set that was my hubbies grandmothers'. One day, I'll find my own set & be able to return hers to the farm.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Estate - UK Trays

This entry is late, forgot to post this for some reason? Passed on a set Fransician "Starburst" dishware - that was a huge mistake!

Glass jar. SOLD

Georges Briard hot server, candle heater underneath. Four 1960-70's plastic Erik Kold containers for the kitchen. Made in Denmark.

Ernest Sohn glass martini decanter, brass hoop handles wrapped with plastic rattan. I really like Sohn's designs. He's known for his use of mix media; metal, glass, ceramic & wood.

Slender mid century copper vase with brass bottom. Haven't found any info. on it yet.

Two yards of Christmas fabric for Julia. Two packs of Danish taper candles, one light blue the other red. Maritime paper coasters. Teak salt & pepper shakers made in Thailand.

Clear glass Blenko candle holder. Small light blue textured atomic starburst vase. I think, I put a crack in it on the way home, so sad.

Older Steinbach German smoker, perhaps a "Berrygather" his little backpack is removable, can be untied and the axe and twigs removed. Will probably sell come Christmas. SOLD

1960's extra thin & long paper Marcal straws. SOLD

Set of 8 flower trays from the swinging sixties, made in the UK. SOLD

Blue Mepal serving spoons. Collection of 1960's fancy colored plastic cutlery.

Thrift: Witches, Tiki Cat & Baba Yaga

Another slow week of thrifting. My fave thrift store is closed for the spring change over. Surprisingly, I'm not having withdrawal symptoms.

Pair of children books, "Baba Yaga" illustrated by Blair Lent 1966. And "The Little Viking" illustrated by Isold Schmitt-Menzel 1969 Norway. A large never used aluminum Thermos for myself. Wonder why people never use these anymore? Oh yeah, fast food.

Five stackable plastic "Heller Maxmug" designed by Massimo Vignelli. Teak storage drawer. Made in Thailand. 1970's Teak salad bowl. Rich color, nice & heavy. Made in Thailand. Oops, cracked went back to thrift store.

Pair of crystal glass candle sticks. Thought these might be Scandiv. but they are not as bright white as my Finland & Norway pieces. The mystery continues.

1960's Witco style Tiki cat. SOLD

Mom found me green thin tapers made in Denmark. They still have the Scan store sticker on them. She also picked up a orange cased compass made in France.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Flower Pottery Bowl from Italy

Mom found this at an estate last year. Dad put a chip in the rim & ruined this (as he does everything.)
It reminds me of a 1950's Raymor production with the black base. Haven't found any info on it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrift: Bing & Grondahl Plate

Bing & Grondahl
Koefoed Hornslet "Liz" Chairs
Portugal Dish
1979 Tayor & Ng Collectible Penguin Mug, I passed on last year
Not an exciting week of thrifting & no estate sales for me. At my old biddie thrift found this 1970's tourist plate by Luciano Creations of Italy. Described as a cloisonnèe mezzotint using vitreous enamels. Made in the coastal town of Salerno the plate is in perfect condition with luminous vibrant colors. The tiles are collectible. Today, a plate sell new for 58 euros. Lamberto "Luciano" Tastardi also designed fantastic textiles during the 50's but I can't find any information. SOLD

The little pottery owl is handmade & signed Canada. Probably 1960-70's. SOLD

At my fave thrift purchased a snowball crystal votive. Made in Austria label (I have two now.) Plus, a Viking Glass "Soft Light Candle Glimmers." Label still attached. Handmade in USA. Company defunct by the early 1980's. I'm interested in finding the year the piece was made?

Picked up a collectible 1979 "Momcat" mug by the illustrator B. Kliban. I remember this cat from the 70-80's. SOLD

Found a second crystal snowball votive. Made in Austria.

Was out in the 'burbs for an appointment and stopped at four thrift stores in the area. Nothing great. Alas, people way out in the 'burbs don't have money. Nothing from overseas unless you count Japan, Taiwan & China.

I ended up paying to much for this Bing & Grondahl, Copenhagen Porcelain "Christmas at Home 1971" plate. Made in Denmark. (Saw this plate, but from 1977, with a big chip on the rim for $14 at the Humane Society thrift, pleeeaaassseee.) Saw six Koefoed Hornslet "Liz" Chairs (from the now defunct Scan) with a high bid of $800. A good price since they sell at vintage shops in this area for up to $1800.

At the Humane Society thrift picked up this little "Stavangerflint" style terracotta glazed dish. Fisherman with net of fish, sun & ship in background. I think it would be 500 times better without the sun & the side flowers. Signed "CA, Portugal 1993." Also found a little handblown smoke stem glass to complete my five that I found last year.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrift Score: Lisa Larson "Lila Zoo" Cat

Cat "Lila Zoo"
How exciting! Found this today when I dropped of a car full of Mom's donations at my old biddy thrift shop.

Lisa Larson for Gustavsberg of Sweden standing cat designed for the early "Lila Zoo" collection in 1955 (produced 1956-1978.) Unsigned & paper label is long gone. Sold I have a large Lion too.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mom's German Estate

Moms finds from a German estate. "Digsmed Danmark 310" teak tray with smoke plastic cover and teak handle. 1970's. Unfortunately, the knife is not original. For sale in my Etsy shop.

Bright orange "Hutzler 1970" double reamer, zester & pourer. Made in USA. Still in business today. Mom didn't have much luck for the weekend but I love the covered tray.

Estate: Just Two Things

Georges Briard "Woodland" Cheeseboard
St. Labre Indian School
Boy, this family run estate sale had a load of junk. Wasn't in the greatest neighborhood & they didn't spend money on anything. Thirty of everything. As in tiny bottles of lotion, staplers, shampoos, batteries, paperclips ect. The son running the estate said someone had shown up earlier & bought all the Christmas decorations.

Georges Briard "Woodland" cheeseboard with tile. Signed "Georges Briard" in gold on tile. Made in USA. We looked & looked for the knife but no luck. Very cute tiny pair 1960-70's salt & pepper shaker. Made by "St. Labre Indian School, Ashland Montana." I remember there was some controversy of the Indian school selling plastic tourist crap to the white man...

Estate: Family Run Sale & Norway Troll

"Three Wise Men" Made in Austria
German Fit Scale
Bulgaria Lady & Henning Troll
"Senaattori" Iittala
Estate sale held by the owners these are the best & rare as anything these days. They are at least half the cost of ones run by pros. Plus. they are always willing to bargain. This woman's mother had traveled to Norway in the 1960-70's.

Round 1950's Christmas Poinsettia tablecloth with balls and four napkins. The lady said they used it every Christmas since she was a kid and she was at least in her late 60's. Will sell come Christmas season. Pack of slender candles on top. 1950's three mini wood wise men, made in Austria. For Sale.

1970's German orange plastic scale by EFFEM-fit. This is the best quality one I have found (I collect these & now have four.) For Sale.

Traditional Bulgarian dressed wood lady (that's just a guess.) For Sale.

 Hand-carved wood troll by Henning Engelsen of Norway, will sell come Christmas. What is with Norwegians & trolls? On bottom penciled in"HAK-55" (is that 1955?) Original price "kr 43,50" SOLD

Found a lonely pair of "Senaattori" (Senator) schnapps glasses. SOLD Designed by Timo Sarpanev for Iittala of Finland between 1968 & 1981. 4.4" tall, mold-blown & foot cast. The base resembles my "Festivo" candle holders.

Luthje Cheeseboard
Hadeland Glassverk
1970's Pair Japan mugs "Psychodelic" Arnart, 5th Ave, Made in Japan. SOLD

Slightly iridescent teal mold blown vase (missing stopper) with partially polished pontil. Color doesn't photograph correctly. Probably Blenko because of the half polished pontil. SOLD

Luthje Denmark teak cheeseboard with plastic cover & teak handle. SOLD Goodwood teak cheese board with glass cover. SOLD

Pennsylvania Dutch "Kaffe Klutch" (coffee & gossip) black tray, possibly by Maxey or the illustrator Marcelline Stoyke 1950's while living in Evanston, IL. Pair 1958 & 1961 "Better Homes & Gardens" Cookbooks.

Ceramic pink deer planter. Made in Japan. The lady insisted the deer was pre-war Japan. Her father gave it as a gift to her mother before they were married in 1941. SOLD Pair crystal candle holders "Atlantic" designed by Willy Johansson for Hadeland Glassverk of Norway. SOLD

Collection of Lotus bowls, some signed "Made in Japan." Large 1960 Civil War picture book for hubby (not pictured.) Passed on a lovely walnut dining table. I loved this sale and I regret not returning the following day.