Monday, March 28, 2011

Eva Solo Bird Feeder Design Fail

So I had been languishing over this glass bird feeder for two years. The hubby gave it to me for Christmas and boy was I excited! I opened the box and a little of the excitement died. You see, the feeder was very small, disproportionate for something that was going to make a statement in the backyard. The hole for the bird was very tiny, smaller than a sparrow would be able to enter (canary you see in the above pic. is a midget!) I looked on the box to see where the feeder had been manufactured. No info. Translation: China. Even though the box touted Danish designers, coolness, blah blah. Against my better judgment I decided to keep it.

Birds seemed to be freaked out by the clear glass. There was no perch. The hole was just to small for them to land and eat. Plus, it swung wildly if they attempted to land.

Finally, a squirrel chewed through the copper hanging wire and the damn thing fell to the ground and shattered into a million pieces. There went over $60, didn't even last 3 months. This is the very reason I don't buy new. Complete crap. Plus, if it lasts 30 years it must be durable & relevant.

Obviously, no product testing.

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