Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thrift - Dear Orientals & China People

Oh and I found this racist ass card too. Appears to be 1960s. Those were the days -- Archie Bunker

Thrift - Snoopy Bowl But Where Is the Dog?

With the Christmas rush over one can finally update the blog. Went to my three local thrifts this morning and only found something at my fave. Oh at the old biddie store found this free blue Keyes tray all beat to hell. Maybe it'll wash up a bit?

Two vintage games from 1968. The Funny Bones card game is some sort weird swingers game, well maybe. Older blue mint tin. These Houze glass trays are stalking me. Seeing them everywhere and I love em!

Got the snoopy bowl my sis wanted me to pick-up unfortunately the blue one was cracked. And last five German fretwork Christmas ornaments to add to my three from last year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why I Will NEVER Live Farther South Or In Some Hick Podunk Town

It never fails when I go to some small podunk town that I'm harassed by the local racist white trash. This time, it was Leesburg where some old toothless hillbilly lady tried to inform me of pedestrian law whilst she narrowly missed running down a mother and toddler. Hope she liked my finger.

At two antique shops found a Dansk cutting board and a glittered egg shell ornament for the mother-in-law. I don't know if it's from a kit or made in eastern Europe or somewhere else.

Further on in Frederick, I picked up the orange pedestal at the same stall were I found the Bitossi vase. It still has the original Raymor label identifying it as Bitossi. At another booth my sis made me get the bright orange apple planter probably German (or B.P.F. Heffen Belgium) SOLD. Glad she made me get it 'cause its cute. Found a large unmarked iittala glass bowl but it was chipped.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thrift - Dansk

Found at fave thrift an older Dansk teak salad bowl, Christmas stuffed hot dog and a Far Side mug that the sis found.

Antique Mall Visit - CathrineHolm Bowl

My mom spotted this red lotus Cathrineholm bowl that was tagged "Danish Enamel Bowl" at an antique mall and how could I resist? Some old knotty brown bag my sis wanted and a cute little stamped leather belt for her too.

Down the street at another mall picked up a matched pair of wood painted Buckingham Palace Guards made in Yugoslavia. And a trio of OMC head nodders. We ran out of time before I could buy more junk.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Secret Santa

Opened my Secret Santa gift today. Inside I found a McCoy nymph vase (thanks Steve for the ID) a Bialetti espresso maker from 1975 with very interesting literature inside, a cute little table cloth and apron both being laundered at the moment.  Espresso is my dirty little dangerous addition. Thanks Secret Santa.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Road Trip - Erik Hoglund

Took a road trip to our favorite restaurant with hubby, sis and Amy. Along the way we stopped at many antique stores. Found these Erik Hoglund decanters designed for Neiman Marcus. A Pop Art  Peter Max style airplane silk scarf. Four little pine cone angels that I sat on in the car.

Also found this unmarked German candle windmill. It's unlike any I've seen and stands on tripod stick legs - if you have any info please let me know. And two super cute signed hankies.

Dinner was excellent. Ate so much I gave myself a stomachache.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas To Me

Sorry, I haven't put up any new posts. My sister is visiting from Dublin and in addition to Christmas I just haven't had time. I did manage to but myself a Christmas gift from MidModMom a red Guzzini Italy caddy and Anemome Arabia sugar and creamer (to go with my teapot and cups). The Swiss tea towel is for my sister which she thinks is so adorable that she's decided to hang it instead of using it and I don't blame her.

Major Score! Bitossi Vase

Went antiquing with my mom and sis and purchased this Raymor vase because I liked it (even though mom tried to talk me out of it) and orange is my favorite color. Plus, I never find Raymor Italy pieces in perfect condition. Mom talked them down and got me a great price on it. There was a pedestal piece that I didn't get and regretted afterwards but that's a later post.

Upon arriving home I realized the sticker was marked "BIT" for Bitossi of Italy. Supposedly the vase is the "Rocchetto" line by the great Ettore Sottsass' (Memphis Movement, Italy) Circa 1956-9. So I did some Ebay searches and holy moly! You can see the prices below. Plus a little Japan ornament.


[www. From the design series "Rocchetto", 1956-59. Manufactured by Bitossi, Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy for Raymor (Richard Morgenthau & Co.), New York. Sand colored stoneware, circulating in differently broad horizontal strips multicolor matte and shining glazed, among other things with opaque white craquelling glaze and lava-like matte glaze. Ground marked: 1390 A, ITALY (black glaze, painted), original sales label of the company Raymor 'MODERN in the TRADITION of GOOD TASTE raymor' with number 2619, BIT (abbreviation for Bitossi).]

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Martha Stewart

Forgot I had these. I have a lot of them in different colors too.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thrift - Germany Wedding Party

Sorry, everyone been busy since fall and have fallen behind with post, hopefully I'll catch up. Went to the old biddies thrift and the Christmas goods were cleared out-it was crazy! One of the volunteers said everything sold the day before, in fact they had done 60% more business than the year previous. The secret is out!

Paid a lot for this German wedding party dated 1984 but it was to cute to resist. SOLD. Maybe these could be used as cake toppers or for cupcakes? A smaller set had been sold yesterday, I was pissed that I missed it. The vintage flat folding red sled that good for holding knee hugger elves or Santa and crew. Found one earlier but it had been thrift store broken.