Thursday, June 27, 2013

Estate Sale - Blenko Fish by Winslow Anderson

Went to another incredibly overpriced estate sale this morning. No one was there, Saw a few dealers walk in and leave immediately. Huge million dollar home (pricey bit of town - think where Newt Gingrich lives) but the furnishings weren't up to par. But there was a custom pantry - you know the ones that store table leaves, pads ect. Wonder if the house owner was the Mayor of Norfolk VA at some point because of some city silver pins with business cards? Or maybe worked for him.

Was quoted $70 these 3 dresses. Does that seem just a tad teeny bit high? And that was after I mentioned I was a dealer.

Just got a few things. Huge 14+ inch Kokeski with label: From Fukutake Publishing Co. Mar. 29, 1983 SOLD. Teak Swedish tray SOLD. Picked up a 17 inch Blenko Fish by Winslow Anderson, think I overpaid SOLD! Plus an unused wool Faribault throw and a cute little silk Tri-Tie from Japan for the sis. No bargains and probably overpaid for everything, bleh.

Ended up putting a lot of stuff back cause the prices were far to high (priced equivalent to Ebay or more). And they don't discount 50% on the last day? Sorry nothing exciting.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Estate - Doll Hoarder

From a doll hoarder estate. Mostly recent dolls from QVC. Houses full of old ladies dolls just creep me out. The house smelled sick so it was a quick run with little to show for time and gas. Desk / piano lamp, Italy gloves for the sis and some Rosti utensils. Maybe next time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Estate Score! At The Bates Motel

At this spooky 1870s (a former hotel in the 20s) found this Rare Woods Cocobolo tray hanging on a bedroom wall. I also got it for an amazing price considering the cost of other stickered items in the house. The cast iron Dansk candlesticks are for a thrift buddy.

For some reason fell in love with these repro Medieval handblown prunted glasses and waaaay over paid for them. Think I was still high off the Dansk tray. Maybe someone who likes Game of Thrones will buy them? Craft book for 1968, teak Dansk board, Pyrex and a Cypress wood bangle Handcrafted by Huppke of Florida SOLD.

It was a great old house but need a swimming pool (think Olympic size) full of cash in updates and repairs. The coolest thing was all the old doors still had the hotel room numbers on them. Hopefully someone restores the house but my hopes aren't high.

Anyway, I'm happy to have found the tray. Now to clean everything...le sigh. If your interested in any of these items feel free to contact me through my Etsy store - MisterTrue

Mrs. Bates Are You Down There?
Mrs. Bates Are You Up Here?

Mrs. Bates Are You In Here?

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Got A Package From Dublin

Coolest birthday gift from my sis. Irish linen apron and tea towel from The Cake Cafe Dublin. Design by Pony. Can't wait to visit!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thrift - Million Dollar Dala

Accidentally photoed the red pot from the other day. Found some cool nautical Libbey bar glasses by Esso unfortunately one broke in my hand in the thrift store, sadness. Um and a Dala horse...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thrift - Antje Vogel and Vera Scarf

Feel that I haven't thrifted in a while... Here are the finds; a cute Sevi growth chart by German illustrator Antje Vogel SOLD, little red Turkish pot, 2 glass jars SOLD and 4 tiles by Lilian Vernon and because of all the GoodW tape I didn't see that one was chipped SOLD.

And a silk blend Vera scarf, a silk Liz Claiborne scarf and a vintage Lucky Charms hanky. This was a lot of work to get through thrifts swarming with kids (I'm disturbed that HeadStart is no longer funded) and strollers.