Thursday, June 27, 2013

Estate Sale - Blenko Fish by Winslow Anderson

Went to another incredibly overpriced estate sale this morning. No one was there, Saw a few dealers walk in and leave immediately. Huge million dollar home (pricey bit of town - think where Newt Gingrich lives) but the furnishings weren't up to par. But there was a custom pantry - you know the ones that store table leaves, pads ect. Wonder if the house owner was the Mayor of Norfolk VA at some point because of some city silver pins with business cards? Or maybe worked for him.

Was quoted $70 these 3 dresses. Does that seem just a tad teeny bit high? And that was after I mentioned I was a dealer.

Just got a few things. Huge 14+ inch Kokeski with label: From Fukutake Publishing Co. Mar. 29, 1983 SOLD. Teak Swedish tray SOLD. Picked up a 17 inch Blenko Fish by Winslow Anderson, think I overpaid SOLD! Plus an unused wool Faribault throw and a cute little silk Tri-Tie from Japan for the sis. No bargains and probably overpaid for everything, bleh.

Ended up putting a lot of stuff back cause the prices were far to high (priced equivalent to Ebay or more). And they don't discount 50% on the last day? Sorry nothing exciting.


  1. too bad about the dresses! the necktie is stunning, though! and that fish is cool :-)

  2. Cute dresses, to bad about the price! I don't really understand the prices at some of the estate sales around here - do they want to sell their stuff or not? I went to one recently that had been going on for at least 3 long weekends and she still wanted ebay prices for everything! Crazy and a bit of a waste of everyone's time.