Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Spisa Ribb

I'm very behind in my blogs. Thrifts have be slow so there isn't much to show for it. But look what I have more of... These are is much much better condition than my last set. Spisa Ribb is for sale on my Etsy site.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Estate - Raymond Loewy 'Plaza' Form 2000

So I threw in a bid for a set of Rosenthal plates from Thursdays estate sale (Heller plates & IHQ teak tray) and won! I made my poor husband stop on the way to the in-laws to pick them up.

"Form 2000" was designed by industrial designer Raymond Loewy in 1954. He did the "Plaza" illustrations in 1961-64. I don't think set has been used since Nixon because of the old newspaper stuffed in the teapot.

Likely a luncheon service because I can't imagine a man eating his roast beef amid doves, flowers and streamers. Hidden behind the large coffee pot are 17 saucers without teacups. Now, I don't know if this person broke 17 teacups or what? The agent did mention the attic is still packed with boxes so I have high hopes. Set includes; coffee pot, tea pot, vase, ashtray, large oval platter, 2 round platters, 4 dinner plates, 12 salad bowls, 12 lunch plates, and 17 saucers.

Overpaid for these lotus bowls and got home and discovered more than half of them are chipped. That's what happens when your in a rush. Likely used for desserts. First time, I've seen them with 12 saucers so that's kinda neat.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

95 Vendor Community Yard Sale

At the May community yardsale I had much better luck and that was with half the vendors rained out. This morning I arrived at nine so anything good probably had been picked clean an hour ago. Oh well, you can't win them all.

"Petey the Peanut Man" 1966 has the most adorable pink and black circus illustrations (I'll try and remember to snap some pics) Picked up a 60's Mermaid Playskool wood puzzle, I couldn't resist the graphics or the swim cap. I come across these every so often but they are usually quite worn, of recent production and the picture isn't that unusual.

Fornasetti mug by Rosenthal, new in box. Probably issued in the late 90's. Think this is the only decent item I came away with? SOLD

A retro 80's "Big Hug Mug' no doubt in the days before sexual harrassment. SOLD

A 1984 Sanrio rainbow mug. Orange & purple Hutzler Mepal spoons, made in Denmark (sadly I lost a blue one in the earthquake) A small green enamel Turkish pot.

Red 'Apsco Midget Sharpener' made in USA. I was looking at this and asked the seller the price. A woman standing next to me offered him more and grabbed it out of my hands. I told her I was still looking at it and if she didn't mind. The thing is, she was sharing the stall with the man so it was either the greatest sale strategy or she was a real weirdo. 'Course, I had to buy it once she started following me around.

Thrift Score! Dansk Odin Flatware

Well, after the disappointing 95 vendors community yardsale I headed to my fave thrift store. Probably not the best idea as I was rather sick.

I don't usually look in the cutlery bin 'cause I hate thumbing through hundreds of knives. But today, the bins were quite empty and I saw brown handled forks which I always pick up. Lo and behold, I saw the Dansk Odin knives. And with the Ducks logo meaning they are early production. Six knives, four forks and a smaller fork. Where do you think the rest of the set is? The thrift sticker dates them 8/22 so maybe someone picked up the others?

22 pieces of 'EKCO, Eternia, Japan' with faux wood composite handles.  Probably from the 60's these are quite collectible. (Have 5 other pieces too)

A piece of owl pottery. 1966 Weight Watchers scale for 25 cents, it's heavier than my later ones. And a little wooden butter spreader stamped 'Sweden'

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrift - Bjorn Wiinblad Glass Candlestick

After the estate sale stopped at 6 area thrift stores. Also got caught in a massive flood which gave me a nasty cold, bleh. Half of them I found nothing and in one I found most of the items.

Retro 80's 'Caffeine Meter' mug. Boynton 'Furry Christmas' cat mug. Paid $1 for 'Informal' Iroquois China, by Ben Seibel has a chip in the spout but this is probably as close to I'll ever get to this line. Swedish cheese slicer, milk glass vase and glass & cork bottle.

Two 1960's handmade Heath ashtrays. I've only found Heath ashtrays and half the time they are damaged. Perhaps Heath was not popular this area or too expensive? SALE Swedish Reijmre glass owl. SOLD in minutes

Found an old printer drawer or shadow box for 4 bucks so the hubby can display his bullets. Have to take a photo of it...

Cute illustrated German schnapps cup by Susanne Dolker. Where is the bottle? My favorite, a Bjorn Wiinblad glass angel candleholder for $5. Marked 'Rosenthal, studio linie' (the other candle stick is a short angel with wings but where is it?) Iittala beer mug (my third) SOLD Never used German Melitta coffee pot. Paid too much but I can't resist 'em.

Estate Score! IHQ Staved Teak Tray

Scored this 3 ducks or is it 4 ducks early edition staved teak IHQ Dansk tray for a very good price indeed. I don't know how it wasn't grabbed up since I arrived at least two hours after open doors. It was tucked away behind the sink faucet and perhaps no one noticed it? I think, I should like to keep this find.

In the basement I found 7 Heller large platters designed by Vignelli, gosh they are pretty. White mortar & pestle.

Here are some photos from the sale. Didn't see the very smart pair of chromed Milo Baughman chairs shown on the website, no doubt they where one of the first things picked. Still I don't need furniture and they needed reupholstering but they were divine looking. The Bellek was gone too.

For my sister I picked up 6 wool ski sweaters (one from Norway), 3 ski hats & long silk Diane Vonfurstonberg horoscope scarf

Mens Norway

Mens & Womens

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thrift - Dorothy Thorpe & Rorstrand

Saw this Dorothy Thorpe style bar set last week at GoodWill and balked at the price. When I went back a couple of hours later it was in an Etsy-iers cart. But when I returned today there it was on the shelf! SOLD

Two vintage 'Better Homes and Gardens' cookbooks. Pair of recent kitsch owl and Japanese doll mugs, made by Jewel Japan SOLD. Porcelain Mallard by Royal Dux, Bohemia (I think, it's dated 1962) Four 'Sophisticate' teacups & saucers by Mikasa, 1985-87, attributed to Ben Seibel in my reference book.

Current tomato-red Grobal baby planter designed by Karim Rashid (peice of junk as it faded in a year. Pair 'The Black Horse Tavern 1794' wood and cork coasters, Japan sticker on back.

And below, at my old biddy store I discovered four Rorstrand of Sweden handpainted 'Fokus' teacups sans saucers, 1970-79. Maybe I'll get lucky and the saucers will show up later. At this thrift in the past, on two separate occasions, I found matching Rorstrand 'Picknik' bowls and teapot.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thrift - Slow Day

Hopefully things will pick up with fall? Passed on a Dorthy Thorpe bar set.