Sunday, September 11, 2011

Estate - Raymond Loewy 'Plaza' Form 2000

So I threw in a bid for a set of Rosenthal plates from Thursdays estate sale (Heller plates & IHQ teak tray) and won! I made my poor husband stop on the way to the in-laws to pick them up.

"Form 2000" was designed by industrial designer Raymond Loewy in 1954. He did the "Plaza" illustrations in 1961-64. I don't think set has been used since Nixon because of the old newspaper stuffed in the teapot.

Likely a luncheon service because I can't imagine a man eating his roast beef amid doves, flowers and streamers. Hidden behind the large coffee pot are 17 saucers without teacups. Now, I don't know if this person broke 17 teacups or what? The agent did mention the attic is still packed with boxes so I have high hopes. Set includes; coffee pot, tea pot, vase, ashtray, large oval platter, 2 round platters, 4 dinner plates, 12 salad bowls, 12 lunch plates, and 17 saucers.

Overpaid for these lotus bowls and got home and discovered more than half of them are chipped. That's what happens when your in a rush. Likely used for desserts. First time, I've seen them with 12 saucers so that's kinda neat.

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