Thursday, September 8, 2011

Estate Score! IHQ Staved Teak Tray

Scored this 3 ducks or is it 4 ducks early edition staved teak IHQ Dansk tray for a very good price indeed. I don't know how it wasn't grabbed up since I arrived at least two hours after open doors. It was tucked away behind the sink faucet and perhaps no one noticed it? I think, I should like to keep this find.

In the basement I found 7 Heller large platters designed by Vignelli, gosh they are pretty. White mortar & pestle.

Here are some photos from the sale. Didn't see the very smart pair of chromed Milo Baughman chairs shown on the website, no doubt they where one of the first things picked. Still I don't need furniture and they needed reupholstering but they were divine looking. The Bellek was gone too.

For my sister I picked up 6 wool ski sweaters (one from Norway), 3 ski hats & long silk Diane Vonfurstonberg horoscope scarf

Mens Norway

Mens & Womens

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