Saturday, September 10, 2011

95 Vendor Community Yard Sale

At the May community yardsale I had much better luck and that was with half the vendors rained out. This morning I arrived at nine so anything good probably had been picked clean an hour ago. Oh well, you can't win them all.

"Petey the Peanut Man" 1966 has the most adorable pink and black circus illustrations (I'll try and remember to snap some pics) Picked up a 60's Mermaid Playskool wood puzzle, I couldn't resist the graphics or the swim cap. I come across these every so often but they are usually quite worn, of recent production and the picture isn't that unusual.

Fornasetti mug by Rosenthal, new in box. Probably issued in the late 90's. Think this is the only decent item I came away with? SOLD

A retro 80's "Big Hug Mug' no doubt in the days before sexual harrassment. SOLD

A 1984 Sanrio rainbow mug. Orange & purple Hutzler Mepal spoons, made in Denmark (sadly I lost a blue one in the earthquake) A small green enamel Turkish pot.

Red 'Apsco Midget Sharpener' made in USA. I was looking at this and asked the seller the price. A woman standing next to me offered him more and grabbed it out of my hands. I told her I was still looking at it and if she didn't mind. The thing is, she was sharing the stall with the man so it was either the greatest sale strategy or she was a real weirdo. 'Course, I had to buy it once she started following me around.

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