Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it Lisa Larson?

Inscribed "SOCO Swingers, Low Putts, Eileen Schutt, 1974"
Since my sister was home for Christmas, we piled into the car and took a trip down to Charlottesville, VA to get a fix at a favorite restaurant Mas. www.mastapas.com. Before dinner, we stopped in a vintage store. My sister picked up a few pieces of jewelery (forgot to photo) & a silver necklace for me, thanks.

I bought this unmarked Ceramic Candlestick Scandiv. Girl hoping it was by Lisa Larson of Sweden. But it's actually, Fitz & Floyd, Toscany. Toscany was a label used by Fitz & Floyd for a line of stoneware figurines made in the 70's. Made in Japan. Sold

4" Bright Orange Sake Vase. Thought this was a bud vase but a friend informed me it was for sake. Sticker "Japan." Post war. I like to rescue stainless steel servers since most people don't care for them but I have noticed the prices going WAYYYY up! God forbid, if they are marked "Denmark." Adding another, made in Denmark, stainless steel server with rosewood handles to the collection.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas! Nutcracker

"The Swedish Classic Nutcracker"
1960's teak & brass & heavy. Christmas gift for me purchased by my sister in a London Street Market.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thrift Score: David-Anderson Silver Pendant

Can't believe I found this & at my favorite thift store! Mod Silver Pendant. Signed "David-Andersen, Norway Sterling." Possibly by designer Bjørn Sigurd Østern, circa 1965-1975. Vintage greek tourist souvenir? Spun cotton and handpainted face.

Mail Call! Necklace from Julia

Old Poster Image from the "Independent Order of Odd Fellows."
Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail! From my friend Julia. It's Christmas! Thanks girly-I love it! She has a site to visit. http://www.handmadegreen.com/The_New_Green/Home.html

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Estate: Stig Lindberg "Spisa Ribb" & Edna Arnow Pottery

This is one of those estate sales you find two or three times a year! It was a Friday, lightly snowing & a bit out in the suburbs, so maybe that's why so few people showed up? I didn't even see dealers? I was looking for Stig Lindberg's dish set I'd seen in the advert. And it was still there! Yikes with a big price tag! 1955 Gustavsberg of Sweden, "Spisa Ribb" dish set, by Swedens most famous designer Stig Lindberg. eight cups & saucers, four open sugar bowls/dessert bowls, eight extra saucers, thirteen 10" dinner plates, ten 8" Salad/Breakfast plates (one has chip under rim), ten 6.5" Bread & Butter/dessert plates. SOLD OUT except for 1 saucer.

Also Rescued another 1960's Couroc of California large tray. I don't see word trays often. SOLD

Trio Danish stainless steel servers with Rosewood handles. Usually the lid is missing. Probably by Lundtofte. SOLD

1960's Hand-Blown Italian Glass Goblets by Artisian Carlo Moretti. Set of 8 Smoke Cased White Goblets & 5 Cordials
Returned to the sale with my mom on the last day when everything was 50% off. Unfortunately, I was rushed for a lunch appointment & had to dash through the house. I missed a box full of lovely vintage Valentine cards in unused mint condition, 1920-50's. What was I thinking? I also had to pass on 4 cute yellow enamelled wood chairs, a bright pinky red enamelled danish chair & bright red roller work chair from Denmark. The estate seller didn't want to come down in price. I didn't think, I could make money reselling them since the condition wasn't the best on the enamel no matter how adorable, sad face.

Mom picked up a cool mid century walnut lamp table combo. I'll try & get a photo.

Recieved this leaflet on my return visit came with Stig Lindberg's "Spisa Ribb" dish set. The estate lady saved it for me as she thought I might return. She told me I missed the "Terma" black dishes pictured in the leaflet, though, I don't remember seeing them?

Large glazed "Ribbon" ceramic container for wheat flour & smaller for wheat germ. Made in Denmark by Knabstrup Keramics. Circa 1970's.

Boxed Dansk Green Glass Stackable Candleholders designed by Jens Quistgaard 1960's. Price tag says: "Kaufmann's Dept. Store $6.95." According to the inflation calculator that's $55 in todays money. An interesting note, a lover of International Style, Kaufmann commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build "Falling Water" in Virginia and Richard Nuetra for the "Kaufmann House" in Palm Springs.

IronWood Wok with wood handles. Very heavy. Large Pop Yellow Dansk Clover Mixing Bowl designed by Gunnar Cyren. Circa 1970's. Thanks to Mom for snagging them. SOLD

Saw this the first day, liked the shape but because I'm unfamiliar with pottery, decided to pass. Well, luck would have it, when I returned, there it still stood, and half off. By far, my fave find of the weekend & my second piece of pottery (Lisa Larson "Lion" was first.) Think I paid $8 or $6 for it? Large "Edna Arnow" art pottery. 9"dia x 8"H. Upside-down drip glaze. Turns out she was an established 1950's Chicago artist.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Estate: Kunst Bunnies

First time, I've ever bought something from these Mod estate sellers. They price everything retail but people love them & it's always crowded. This sale was no different absolutely jammed-guess with Christmas quickly approaching. They must have brought in a lot of items too. Nothing was my style-very old lady. Lots of froo-froo. Heavy Victorian as I'd describe it & house was very dirty! She had weird collections too. For instance, she collected rabbits but they had no relation to each other-just any ole rabbit thing.

Only treasure I found was this miniature 1050's wooden bunny family. Made by "Kunst, Germany." Company defunct. Christmas gift for Dunja & Jessica Rabbit.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SOLD Estate: Oak Daybed & Rosewood Dining Table

Scan Teak Highboy
This was a good estate sale found by my mom. Bought everything on the last day for 50% off. 1970's Oak Convertible Daybed. Original gold flecked upholstery. Made double on it but wasn't worth the work & it took up a lot of room. It's now on it's way to a Rehobeth beach house.

1970-80's Rosewood Dining Table with two leaves. Clean lines. This sold quickly but I had to deliver it. Can't complain because I made a generous profit.

Danish late 1970's teak drawers with key lock on every drawer. I thought it was really cool but it was low quality, difficult to sell & just managed to make double.

Teak framed lithograph, trio rosewood nesting tables (that dad is supposed to reglue.) I picked up a orange juice squeezer, a few books & a mini ice cream maker. Hubby bought a lot of jars, books, a neat Captains box & assorted junk.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thrift: Boda Snowball Fight

You snooze you loose. Saw this for weeks at my old biddie thrift store & looked at it everytime I went.  I thought it might be something because it was the size of a large snowball. One day, I decided to look it up online. Found out it was the large Snowball Votive designed in 1973 by Ann Warff for Kosta Boda, Sweden. Went back the next day and it was gone... guess 'cause it was so close to Christmas someone decided to buy it. Missed a Boda piece for 2 bucks, so sad.

From my favorite thrift picked up a Pinocchio ornament, signed "Italy 1992." Matches bright red enameled Pinocchio pencil cup found the same day at HomeGoods. Signed "Garanzia, Italy." Got one for my mother-in-law too, since she's a primary teacher.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sold: Milo Baughmann for Thayer Coggin

Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin
Large bookmatched rosewood credenza with high gloss varnish set on chrome pedestal.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Estate: Iittala Score!

Picked up these late 1960's, early 1970's pieces at one sale. I came in just as they were closing one the first day so I only found the remnants. Left behind these tiny cordial glasses & now sorry that I did. The seller told me of all the wonderful things the dealers picked up.

"Ultima Thule" glass designed by Tapio Wirkkala in 1968 for Nuutajarvi of Finland. Found only the one? Molten glass burns the surface of the wooden mould & gives glass a charred wood impression. Bottom looks like melting ice.

Timo Sarpaneva designed this pair mold blown glass "Festivo" candle holders in 1966 for Iittala of Finland. Looks like ice.

"Cigaro" 1968 Kaj Franck for Nuutajarvi Glassworks of Finland. Heavy clear glass modernist ashtray. Reminds me castle crenelations.

Small dark blue enameled pottery ashtray. No marks. Light & very well made. Probably scandiv. Made in Japan.

"Miranda" Bowl & Cake Platter designed by Heikki Orvola for Nuutajärvi/Iittala of Finland (1970) In production: 1971-1975. Colorless pressed glass. Found the bowl in Oct/Nov at my favorite thrift store and didn't know what it was at the time but liked the leaf/petal pattern. The following week, I found the matching cake platter at this estate sale. Only months later, did I discover these were Nuutajärvi pieces. Both Christmas presents to my Mom.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrift: Mod Plastic Orange Mirror

Christmas present for my sisters shop in Dublin. I think, it will match her "String" shelf system with it's bright colors. Found a pair of orange clamp lights (made in Canada, early 1980's) for her too. Forgot to take a photos of them. Sadly, someone in the thrift shop dropped this 1970's 12" bright pop orange plastic framed mirror so I got it for a buck. Made in Denmark.

Later in the day went thrifting with Mom. Forced her to go to the Blindness shop she hates since it's "always full of overpriced rubbish that has been sitting there for years." Her words not mine. But I did manage to find a pair of Swedish dusky magenta enamelled candlesticks (the photo color is a little off.) A little chipped but not bad. Unmarked. SOLD