Thursday, December 9, 2010

SOLD Estate: Oak Daybed & Rosewood Dining Table

Scan Teak Highboy
This was a good estate sale found by my mom. Bought everything on the last day for 50% off. 1970's Oak Convertible Daybed. Original gold flecked upholstery. Made double on it but wasn't worth the work & it took up a lot of room. It's now on it's way to a Rehobeth beach house.

1970-80's Rosewood Dining Table with two leaves. Clean lines. This sold quickly but I had to deliver it. Can't complain because I made a generous profit.

Danish late 1970's teak drawers with key lock on every drawer. I thought it was really cool but it was low quality, difficult to sell & just managed to make double.

Teak framed lithograph, trio rosewood nesting tables (that dad is supposed to reglue.) I picked up a orange juice squeezer, a few books & a mini ice cream maker. Hubby bought a lot of jars, books, a neat Captains box & assorted junk.

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