Sunday, January 23, 2011

Estate & Thrift: Moms Iittala Finds!

Mom always manages great finds. She found all this at one estate. Crystal diamond candlestick holder. Crystal Lenox decanter. Etched "Lenox" on base. Blenko clear & indigo candle holder. Made in West Virginia. Foil label circa 1950-82. Blue has damage to underside base.

Textured beaked glass carafe, prob. Swedish. 1950-80's. Possibly Kosta Boda. Can't find any info on it. Wish is was Timo Sarpaneva.

Stelton stainless steel & rosewood forks. New in box. Made in Denmark. Circa 1960's. They even designed the box! SOLD

Super thin green "i-series" glass Iittala bowl by Timo Sarpaneva of Finland, 5"h x 9"d. I love it! Matching 9" tall "i-series" Iittala vase (might be in fact a carafe?) Made in Finland. Older triangle stickers. Prob. 1956-64.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrift: Great Houses Book

Picked up at my fave thrift for 25 cents. Great shots of modern interiors. Why do  people love the Colonial style? They don't decorate their house Colonial inside?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Estate: 1970's Plastic Desk Organizers

Mom picked up the Brown Plastic Organizer (marked "Made in Hong Kong - HOF") for me at a horridly overpriced estate sale. Unfortunately, she didn't realize it was missing two white drawers. SOLD

The green I've had for years (marked "Made in Hong Kong") I've seen these in dozens of colors & variations.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thrift: Italian Blue Purse

Stopped in a Consignment/Thrift store after a doctors appointment. First time, I've every purchased anything because it's very expensive, everything is old lady & newer. I picked up the cutest flower print apron trimmed in ric-rac. At 25% off, I figured $8 wasn't too bad, bright blue 1970-80's Italian leather purse. Gold stamped inside, "Woodward & Lothrop, Washington DC, Made in Italy." Know it's no cheap-o as DC was their high-end store. Leather is supple, nice & heavy, with little wear. Both for my sister.

Three never used boxes hand-dipped candles. Hard to find. Good Quality because the candle pigment hasn't faded after all these years. Circa 1960-70. Made in Denmark by Viking.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrift Score: Mesi Iittala Glasses

Really good day at my favorite thrift store after a few dismal weeks since Christmas. Saw these from a distance away & knew what these were, "Mesi" (Honey) eight mold blown glasses designed by Tapio Wirkkala for Iittala of Finland in perfect condition! Production from 1966-1985. I wasn't familiar with the pattern but I recognized the shape & feel of these glasses because I passed on a "Flora" set a 6 months ago at an estate sale for $8. Once you can recognize glass without labels you can find it much easier & for good prices. Still need to clean the ones on the right.

Kay Bojesen's "Monkey, Zoo-Line" copy made in Japan mid 1960's. Mine has a missing ear that was replaced with a popsicle stick, guess someone loved it that much? SOLD

Bojesen made natural wood toys for children starting in the 50's. He has a huge line of toys from wood block, cars, figures ect. Original vintage recently sold on Ebay for $350! Crazy! In 1965 the monkey sold for $7 ($47 in todays money w/inflation.) Currently, made by Rosenthal in Denmark for $200, just a tad overpriced!

Large 14" Peterboro Basket. Made in New Hampshire of Appalachian white ash with woven leather handles. I don't usually go for baskets but this was handmade in the USA. Wood & plastic inserts are removable. There was a round one I didn't pick up. It won't be there next time. Never used, with tag.

Green eyed white cat playing with red ball of string christmas ornament. Saw this & thought of my German friend, Dunja, who has an unnatural love for cats. Turned it over & saw the "Made in Germany" sticker & started laughing. Wrapped in wire. It's strange & cute at the same time? Don't know anything about it. Prob. 1960's. Have seen several of these on Ebay, none as nice as mine, I'm surprised how much they sell for! SOLD

Proof that Finns makes ugly things! New in package a 1970's "Spicy Mustard Yellow" felt tablecloth. Comes in bright blue, red, green, spicy & yellow mustard. And someone chose this ugly color years ago. Made by Rosenlew of Pori Finland. The company (1853 – 1987) made frying pans, fridges, ships, planks, paper, sulphite pulp, electrical energy, baking yeast, plastic bags, they forgot the kitchen sink. Now it's an industrial museum open to the public.

"Tree House" Tea Towel by Jenna Rose. Hand silk-screened, 50% linen & 50% cotten. Made in Toronto, Ontario. This is one of the stranger things I've found in my thrift store because it's contemporary. She also has an Etsy site. Shamrock apron. I don't know why I bought this. Is it because Mom is Irish & I felt some responsibility to save it? Tags are still on & made in Croatian. And last, 1970's mod kitchen timer made in Tennessee.

Estate: Handmade Rosin Silver Pin

This estate sale was far out, past cows & farms. If I'd realized the drive I wouldn't have gone. House was in a new development-you know where all the house look the same. The house house was decorated country & not nice country. Peterboro baskets galore! Nothing vintage in the house. Found a gorgeous red graphic quilt priced at $30 but when I took it up to the register the woman said it was already sold-say what? Sometimes you have to wonder?

Anyway, I'd driven up to buy my sister vintage jewelery. Someone had cleaned the place out & there was little left. Here are pics of what I managed to find. Artisan Rosin Silver Pendant/Brooch Combo. Handmade Sterling Silver Bezel. Unmarked. 1960-70's. I'm surprised my sister liked this one so much because it's very modern, I can never tell. 1960's Flower Girl Apron for my sister. Freshly laundered but need to iron. 19" sterling silver 16 strand chain stamped "925 Italy." Prob. 1970-80's. 1960's 12 Karat Gold Filled "Leaf & Feather Pin" by "C.C." in green original case.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thrift Score: Danish Teak Candlesticks

Found today at my favorite old biddies shop. It was a little embarrassing, I saw these from a distance away and quickly moved in for the kill. There was a woman in front of the candlesticks looking at an item on the shelf below. So I squeezed in next to her, said "excuse me" & out shot my hand. She did that "blink" (when you see something move faster than the speed of light) & looked at me blankly. I've become one of those people, those people you hate!

Teak Danish Candlesticks. Very heavy, good quality & felt bottom. 1960's. Paid a pretty penny! Also found a pair "Old Spice - Grand Turk" shaving mugs. Liked the graphics. Apparently, these are collectible. This mug was sold from 1964 until 1978. Bottom is marked "Old Spice" and "Shulton" with a number of the mold mark used by Wheaton Glass in the mug manufacturing. Made in New Jersey, USA.