Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrift Score: Mesi Iittala Glasses

Really good day at my favorite thrift store after a few dismal weeks since Christmas. Saw these from a distance away & knew what these were, "Mesi" (Honey) eight mold blown glasses designed by Tapio Wirkkala for Iittala of Finland in perfect condition! Production from 1966-1985. I wasn't familiar with the pattern but I recognized the shape & feel of these glasses because I passed on a "Flora" set a 6 months ago at an estate sale for $8. Once you can recognize glass without labels you can find it much easier & for good prices. Still need to clean the ones on the right.

Kay Bojesen's "Monkey, Zoo-Line" copy made in Japan mid 1960's. Mine has a missing ear that was replaced with a popsicle stick, guess someone loved it that much? SOLD

Bojesen made natural wood toys for children starting in the 50's. He has a huge line of toys from wood block, cars, figures ect. Original vintage recently sold on Ebay for $350! Crazy! In 1965 the monkey sold for $7 ($47 in todays money w/inflation.) Currently, made by Rosenthal in Denmark for $200, just a tad overpriced!

Large 14" Peterboro Basket. Made in New Hampshire of Appalachian white ash with woven leather handles. I don't usually go for baskets but this was handmade in the USA. Wood & plastic inserts are removable. There was a round one I didn't pick up. It won't be there next time. Never used, with tag.

Green eyed white cat playing with red ball of string christmas ornament. Saw this & thought of my German friend, Dunja, who has an unnatural love for cats. Turned it over & saw the "Made in Germany" sticker & started laughing. Wrapped in wire. It's strange & cute at the same time? Don't know anything about it. Prob. 1960's. Have seen several of these on Ebay, none as nice as mine, I'm surprised how much they sell for! SOLD

Proof that Finns makes ugly things! New in package a 1970's "Spicy Mustard Yellow" felt tablecloth. Comes in bright blue, red, green, spicy & yellow mustard. And someone chose this ugly color years ago. Made by Rosenlew of Pori Finland. The company (1853 – 1987) made frying pans, fridges, ships, planks, paper, sulphite pulp, electrical energy, baking yeast, plastic bags, they forgot the kitchen sink. Now it's an industrial museum open to the public.

"Tree House" Tea Towel by Jenna Rose. Hand silk-screened, 50% linen & 50% cotten. Made in Toronto, Ontario. This is one of the stranger things I've found in my thrift store because it's contemporary. She also has an Etsy site. Shamrock apron. I don't know why I bought this. Is it because Mom is Irish & I felt some responsibility to save it? Tags are still on & made in Croatian. And last, 1970's mod kitchen timer made in Tennessee.

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