Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Estate - Tor Viking

Sorry for the delay my blog has been giving me trouble. Went to a mid week estate sale down the street from me, a 1968 contemporary townhouse on a lake. The woman was a high school teacher with a fabulous modern eye who was downsizing.

I did get a cooking set of "Tor Viking"' designed by Turi Gramstad-Oliver for Flint Figgjo, Norway but don't get excited only three pieces are viable. The square dish and bowl have pinhole stains but no chips, the small casserole lid is cracked SOLD, the pitcher has a chip in the lip and a couple of stain, sadness. The large casserole has a small chip on the lid handle but otherwise is in good shape. For sale in my Etsy shop.

Below is a little set of hand-blown cordials if you know the maker please leave a comment.  Believe these to be from the Tivoi line by Per Lutken for Holmegaard. They all vary slightly in height and thickness. I wish, I knew more about glass as she had a large selection of glassware.

A handmade amorphous maple trinket box, a Micheal Lax Lightolier "Lytegem" one of the originals. SOLD. And a darling little pepper pot that I was sorely tempted to keep, from the famed Derry & Toms department store better known for it's Kensington Rooftop Gardens on Kensington High Street, London. Nice little reminder of the store that closed in 1971. Label: Tom & Derry, 75p. Circa 1960-71. SOLD

A small but weighty Swedish vase probably Orrefors since the rest of the vases where labeled as such. In the back a large lotus bowl. Small blue turkish pot, golly I love these SOLD. A Boda Snowball for me. A red wood German village collection SOLD.

Three yellow wool pillows in excellent shape SOLD. Nice large piece of Marimekko fabric by Maija Isola "Pulloposit" (message in a Bottle) 1965. Vera scarf for the sis. Six Vera napkins SOLD. And for my sister a man purse or "Carriel" a handbag used by men in the Antioquia region of Columbia since Colonial times. Stamped: Jerico Envigado.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thrift - Busted Again

Stopping by the usual 3 thrifts was a complete bust. Course I was an hour late too. Did donate loads. I'm about to ban people from Walmart, Target and TJ Maxx! So much plastic and rubbish! At GoodW found a brass cat but it was more of a pity purchase than anything. SOLD

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thrift - Moms Finds Sweden

Mom gave me a couple of her thrift finds; a Swedish tourist brochure from 1998 and a teak Swedish cheese keeper. SOLD

Estate - The Ladies Man

I returned to an estate sale down the street to see if anything was left on the 50% off day. Well, the house was pretty cleared out despite crack prices. IBM ThinkPad laptop for $75, hot damn, they don't even sell for that on Ebay.

I missed the garage on the first day, that's where I found 4 boxes of Dansk tiny tapers.

And for "The Man About Town" a discreet plaid suit with sympathetic scarlet lining, matching slacks and vest. Topped with refined but subdued hat, stroll about in elegance at the Kentucky Derby with one hand tucked in pocket, the other grasping a Mint Julep & cigarette. Slim to medium fit. Made by Clubman, Nolte House of Fashion, Radcliff Kentucky. Plus, brilliant turquoise wool poncho/cloak with hand stitched Indian design. Label - Dona Eulalia, Cuenca Ecuador. Prob. 1960s. For the sis.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kristian Vedel Chairs

House Beautiful November 1964 - Kristian Vedel Chairs
Kristian Vedel for Sibast of Denmark. 1964 "His & Hers" Brazilian rosewood chairs. Rich sculptural wood base & legs. Soft down filled cushions covered in supple black oxhide.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thrift - Lot of Work

Aurgh, this post wasn't saved so I'm rewriting it. The morning was spent at 5 horrid estate sales (including one that had a 1/2 hour wait after being open for 1 1/2 hours-suck that) and a run of area thrift stores. Finds include - Electric 60's Copal Japan clock in faux wood. Pair of 1960 LeGardo Tackett espressos. Yellow Dot Pyrex bowl. SOLD

At another thrift I found another pair of 1959 LeGardo Tackett espressos, how odd. The glass Pyrex decanter was the only item picked from an estate. Passed on a sizable amount of Russel Wright glasses in green or yellow for $2 each-oops. Caught a headache and decided to head home after a waste of 65 miles in gas + tolls.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrift - Trail of Tears

Thinking that thrift might not ever pick-up. Just to many people I'm thinking same with estate sales which is why I skipped last weekend.

But I have been finding a lot of architect desk lamps lately! Pair of Luxo Norway LC industrial task lamps, see below. They are huge, weigh a ton and are missing the clamps. Perfect for a workbench. Also picked up the sis a 70's Trail of Tears signed leather belt. SOLD And another Belgium bottle SOLD

Saw a huge glass Vignelli/Heller casserole with lid with an equally huge chip in the rim, guess that's why it was still there.

At GoodW. found more plastic Colonial trays. Can't resist the colors! For Sale. And more Japan lacquer trays! SOLD

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spisa Seconds 8" Plates

8" Cracked Plates $4 each

8" Cracked Plates Back

8" Chipped Plate $4

Spisa Seconds 10" Plates

10" Plates Crack & Chip $4 - Second Plate Underside Chip $4

10" Plates Crack & Chip $4 - Second Plate Underside Chip $4

Thrift - The Submarine Sandwich

Thrifts are still poo-poo. I think the word has gotten out. Used to see piles of mugs at stores too but not anymore. Stopped by the two usual this morning. Another glass jar-when it snows it rains. Passed on six Japan stacking mugs.

Typography 70s Make-Your-Own sub/sandwich platter. How perfect is this for a football party? Would make a great man gift for a man cave. I see these every so often but they are usually scratched to hell. This still retains original sticker "Grainware" made in Chicago. Do you see lettuce, tomato or veggies in the type?


Look what I received in the mail today from Shapoopy!

These truffles are divine! These aren't going to last long. So far the faves are Naga Sweet Indian Curry, Cherry Kirsch and Caramel Wink of the Rabbit but oh wait there are only three gone.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

R. Kelly


I want to know why this Whole Foods cheesecake weighs 4lbs?


Thrift - Belgium Jars

Not a crazy day at thrift. Picked an orange fondue pot for my sister-your welcome. Worn Denmark orange spoon for 10 cents. Another Tiki mug made in Japan. For Sale

Vilac "Noddy" car made in France (found a wood Vilac apple bank last year) Can't say no to little wood toys! Ran into my glass guy, he mentioned he purchase a 1930ish mixer pre-electic for $25-didn't get to see it but I would guess it's a little earlier.

Three 1970s large glass apothecary jars-2 made in Belgium found at GWill. For Sale

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Estate - Pack Rat Part Duex

Went back to the Rat Pack estate sale as it was 50% off today. The place was pretty well cleaned out but someone will have to take a shovel to the place.

Somehow everyone missed this Vera rose towel? An over-sized silk scarf but with some tiny holes around the edges-don't know if Mom can save this? Found wood spool of brightly colored threads for Mom, we keep her busy with laundering and repairs. The "Club Bastille" pink cat patch was with the spools.

The folks at ThriftBreak explained the ceramic dog was for a men's bedside table. One compartment is for the wallet, coins, the head and tail are for the ring and watch. I also saw a Kitty the first day. You can see a Kangaroo one in Pulp Fiction.

Graphic print for the sis. Late 1950s grey wool dress that I need to photograph.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Estate - Pack Rat

Well, I diddled the whole morning and I arrived at 11:30. One of those sales I should have arrived an hour earlier and needed either my Mom or sister there. Yes, it was that crazy! I noticed a few Etsiers loaded down with goodies. This woman never threw anything away! She didn't spend money on anything either. All the good vintage clothes went fast according to the seller. I kept missing all the clothes and textiles packed into every cabinet, drawer and secret cranny. Very annoying to see people walk around with tea towels, table clothes and crinolines.

Above are the few items I picked up for myself. Candy tin, $4 Boda Snowball (#8 in my collection) and vintage wood bar figurines made in Japan that I was overcharged for. A wire letter holder ram SOLD and an apple tea towel signed Ewan that mom now uses.

All the other items are for my sister. They aren't fantastic just vintage cashmere and wool cardigans for the most part. One exception is the brown plaid "Koret of California Sportsware" jacket that reminds me of the 1940s b/w movies. It's outrageously tiny and has monster shoulder pads, see 1954 red jacket, thanks to Corbis Image. And a weird black eyelet booby undergarment that I regret buying. Should have just bought the sleeping bra still in it's original package. Did I mention how many undergarments this woman had...hundreds! But not nice, sadness. She must have been super small & thin when young and then super fat when old-it was so confusing? And at least a hundred gloves but most had mildewed.

Pink feather cap "Woodward and Lothrup, Washington DC"

Green Sweater "Pandora Scotchkin-Mothproofed-100% Virgin Wool"

Cashmere "Dalton"

Grey "100% Virgin Wool" & Brown Cardie "Shetland-100% Virgin Wool-Munrospun-Made in Edinburgh Scotland"

Salmon "Garland -Sheltie Mist" & Blue Sweater "Lorrie Lester 75% Wool 25% Mohair"

Kidskin Gloves Made in France

Estate - Sucked

Stopped at a second estate and it sucked. So empty. Same German woman from a couple of weeks ago where everything is vintage so $10. Just picked up a homemade shelf and some small ornaments, one German. The kitchen was carpeted...

Thrift - Hear Me Roar

After the two estate sales stopped at area thrift stores. Iceland tea towel. Interesting Modernist ala Alexander Girard wood lion with illegible signature and 1975. SOLD

Two glass jars have been finding a lot of these of late SOLD. Little Swedish tomte SOLD. Three storage plastic jars new in box.

Fire King "Kimberly" mug for the sis. Didn't get the matching bowl cause of a small chip though maybe I should have...though I could just pick it up in an antique store since they are inexpensive. Six bright orange plastic egg cups (orange being my favorite color) SOLD

Forgot to add the 1970-80s Coach purse and a pre-1975 made in NYC Coach leather briefcase (apparently these are rare to find) for the sis. I really like the brief and the bag is growing on me.