Monday, April 30, 2012

Work Horse

My mom repairing an unraveled edge to silk Vera scarf. Thanks! By the way that is not my thumb.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thrift - A Desperate Buy

Had a lovely lunch with my sis-in-law and before visiting my mom, I stopped at a crappy doo doo moving sale. Then onto GoodW, where desperate to find something, I picked up this Figgjo, Norway Horn mug.

Bombed at another thrift and decided to visit Unique. I know, people love this store but I have never found anything; shelves are always empty, prices are high and crowds are looming. I left a chipped Rosenthal, Emilio Pucci bud vase. A lovely large incised grey & gold pedestal pottery bowl made in Italy (probably Raymor) but it had a decent thrift chip to base but it wasn't so bad that... I wish had picked it up. It's color and design similar to the picture at the bottom.

What I did find were three Rosenthal Studio Linie "Joy 3" Op-Art cups and saucers by Wolf Karnagel SOLD. Circa 1969-73. Didn't get the matching side plates that I now regret.

Moms Estate Sale

Mom found me these mugs at an estate sale. Thanks!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrift - Moomin Mug

Well, after the stinky estate sale I stopped by three area thrifts and found all this at one store. Spotted these four Arabia Finland mugs but the price bummed me out so I still got 'em. Three rabbit mugs by Helja Liukko Sundstrom. And "Comet in Moominland" child Moomin mug 2001. Saw some odd pricing for the Moomin mug?

Found some Ken Edwards, Mexico pottery pieces too. And a lidded jar (maybe for sugar) and bowl but am unable to make out the Mexican artists signature. SOLD

Estate - Meany

So I drove a bit of of way to this estate that promised to be a "diggers paradise." Perhaps if digging through paperclips, pencils and mismatched spoons is your idea of paradise.

Actually had a large pile of items (nothing great) but the woman running the sale got pissy with me because I didn't like her prices and said I didn't want certain items. She suggested that people who wanted to bargain should go to the back of the line. I'm not paying $10 for a POS just cause you pull the price out of your ass. And since when are you not allowed to bargain at estate sales? Guess she was stressed out since she has been nice at other sales.

The few things I managed to get; pair of red enameled bookends-you bet I like the color! SOLD Set of little vintage science picture books (mmm, my collection might be getting too big at this point) Pair of teak paddles.

Set of painted mouse picks made in Japan. Tiny Bojensen style duckling made in Japan SOLD. Pile of vintage teak picks SOLD. The Dansk green glass dish is from a thrift store. And that's all I managed to find and mind you I sifted through piles of crap!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thrift Score! Lotte Lamp

Have a backlog of posts now. The thrift gods were looking down on me today. Shelves have been empty since Christmas and I've cut down on hunting.

Saw what could have been an IKEA lamp but when I picked it up it had a lovely heavy weight and a fiberglass shade. What luck! A Lotte Bostlund lamp (recognized it because I have a larger one at home.) Made by Danish immigrants who set up shop in Ontario and started producing lamps from 1956 onward. Fiberglass shade were added in the early 60s. It's in excellent condition. Probably 60s from looking at the cord.

Sandra Boyton mug, hey, I can't resist! Some vintage tins made in USA and England. The ever popular corked jar.

Have great luck finding German smokers, really anything German. This Kathe Wohlfahrt (is it just me or does that look like Wool Fart) "Poinsettia" is probably the ugliest item they have to offer. It's extremely well made and hand-painted plus new in the box with incense cones. SOLD

And last, a hot pink felt bitterfly tea cozy that I think it's vintage cause the label looks late 60-70's "Decorative Design San Francisco, California" but it's in minty condition.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Morel Hunting

We didn't have much luck Morel hunting this year. Too warm and dry. Course it rained tons the following week. Well, maybe next year.

Snake in the Grass

While Morel hunting we came across a black snake...climbing the wall...into the bathrooms. Someone is going to get quite a surprise!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrift - Danish Spice Jars

As I've complained previously thrifts has beenslow and empty but I found some interesting items. Brightly colored wood puzzles that look to be Occupied Japan. SOLD

A large collection of vintage mostly Disney children books which I never find anymore SOLD. A cute little brown desk lamp. SOLD. Three Danish spice jars marked Soholm, need to replace the cork stoppers. A teak and stainless steel Lazy Susan marked Germetco Sweden. Plus, two German Leonardo silly glasses (I bought these exact glasses about 13 years at Chiasso back when they used to sell Alessi)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dead Sparrow

I saved this little sparrow from another sparrow trying to commit birdycide but he died a few hours later. He did also get hit by a car so his chances weren't good, sadness.

Thrift - Musical Traveling Gnome

Damn, I'm pissed someone decided to change the Blogger format and it's impossible to find anything in addition to deleting my post.

Found a set of about 10 Franciscan Madeira glasses made by Tiffin during the 70s. I know, they are terribly garish but they match Franciscan plates that are equally gaudy but we love them nevertheless and use them everyday. What can I say sometimes ugly chooses you.

Also picked up a trio of tiny wood gnomes playing instruments and a boot. And two more little musicians. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

R. Kelly with Pink Lipstick

Poor little bugger is actually on antibiotics which he stubbornly refuses to take thus the pink lips.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Estate - Finally Finnish Stuff!

At the second estate sale found the Oiva Toikka's Fauna vase 5"h (Nuutajarvi, Finland. Circa 1970-1984) in the basement. Finally, found something Finnish! Oh, there are hidden animals: elephant, bunnies, squirrel, turkey, goat, fox ect in the foliage.

Large lion silk scarf, prob. Italy. Vintage Goula rabbit music box, handmade in Spain. Little red mushroom ornament. Heavy amber hooped vase. Unsure if this is Scandinavian or a copy, if you have any info let me know. Three more lotus bowls. Saw a really cool red plastic scan hanging lamp with teak arm but they wouldn't sell it to me, pooh. Passed on a red enameled Danish chair that now I wish I had picked up. As my allergies are terrible decided to return home with my treasures.

Estate - Gainey Ceramics Planter

Was late getting to the estate sale of a former airline pilots home, boy, they must have lived the life back in the day! The Danish Digsmed teak Lazy Susan with glass trays is in perfect condition. Red flower Vera silk scarf for my sister. And as I was walking out the door noticed the large Californian Gainey Ceramics planter in the garage. Has a small chip on the bottom but it was a decent price.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lazy Bones

The hubby took a photo for me while in Pet Smart. Adorable even though I'm against the sale of animals.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Whole Foods Pizza

We tried this pizza from Whole Foods and really liked it, crust is frozen standard but topping is very tasty. Priced at $5.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thrift - Gingham Mugs

Have some serious backlog hopefully I'll get too... On the way to mom's stopped at two thrifts. At the first, a busy Easter weekend was packed with Hipsters always a bad sign for me, only found the flamboyant 1776 glass (have 3 or 4 matching) At GoodW picked up five yellow stacking gingham mugs. The bottoms are unmarked. Was sick as a dog and couldn't stand the thought of hitting another thrift so that the it for me.

Mom's Find - Finnish Plastic Piggy Bank

Mom found this little plastic piggy bank for me. It's made in Finland by Palaset. Interesting...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thrift - Earrings

Slow day for thrifting as shelves still empty. Picked up some jewelery for the sis. Brass deco style necklace and earrings (prefer the earrings) Handmade copper drop earrings. Enamel pair a grey squirrel pins. Large watercolor Vera silk scarf and a cowboy neckerchief, made in USA.