Thursday, April 12, 2012

Estate - Finally Finnish Stuff!

At the second estate sale found the Oiva Toikka's Fauna vase 5"h (Nuutajarvi, Finland. Circa 1970-1984) in the basement. Finally, found something Finnish! Oh, there are hidden animals: elephant, bunnies, squirrel, turkey, goat, fox ect in the foliage.

Large lion silk scarf, prob. Italy. Vintage Goula rabbit music box, handmade in Spain. Little red mushroom ornament. Heavy amber hooped vase. Unsure if this is Scandinavian or a copy, if you have any info let me know. Three more lotus bowls. Saw a really cool red plastic scan hanging lamp with teak arm but they wouldn't sell it to me, pooh. Passed on a red enameled Danish chair that now I wish I had picked up. As my allergies are terrible decided to return home with my treasures.

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