Thursday, April 26, 2012

Estate - Meany

So I drove a bit of of way to this estate that promised to be a "diggers paradise." Perhaps if digging through paperclips, pencils and mismatched spoons is your idea of paradise.

Actually had a large pile of items (nothing great) but the woman running the sale got pissy with me because I didn't like her prices and said I didn't want certain items. She suggested that people who wanted to bargain should go to the back of the line. I'm not paying $10 for a POS just cause you pull the price out of your ass. And since when are you not allowed to bargain at estate sales? Guess she was stressed out since she has been nice at other sales.

The few things I managed to get; pair of red enameled bookends-you bet I like the color! SOLD Set of little vintage science picture books (mmm, my collection might be getting too big at this point) Pair of teak paddles.

Set of painted mouse picks made in Japan. Tiny Bojensen style duckling made in Japan SOLD. Pile of vintage teak picks SOLD. The Dansk green glass dish is from a thrift store. And that's all I managed to find and mind you I sifted through piles of crap!

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