Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thrift Score! Lotte Lamp

Have a backlog of posts now. The thrift gods were looking down on me today. Shelves have been empty since Christmas and I've cut down on hunting.

Saw what could have been an IKEA lamp but when I picked it up it had a lovely heavy weight and a fiberglass shade. What luck! A Lotte Bostlund lamp (recognized it because I have a larger one at home.) Made by Danish immigrants who set up shop in Ontario and started producing lamps from 1956 onward. Fiberglass shade were added in the early 60s. It's in excellent condition. Probably 60s from looking at the cord.

Sandra Boyton mug, hey, I can't resist! Some vintage tins made in USA and England. The ever popular corked jar.

Have great luck finding German smokers, really anything German. This Kathe Wohlfahrt (is it just me or does that look like Wool Fart) "Poinsettia" is probably the ugliest item they have to offer. It's extremely well made and hand-painted plus new in the box with incense cones. SOLD

And last, a hot pink felt bitterfly tea cozy that I think it's vintage cause the label looks late 60-70's "Decorative Design San Francisco, California" but it's in minty condition.

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