Monday, October 31, 2011

Estate - West German Red Lava Vase

Went estate saling this weekend and got lots of things including these two West German vases. One on the left has been repaired so paid $2 and the other was 1/2 off and paid $15. Both for keeps. Now I have a terrible cold. Will have to catch up later.

Also picked up the small blue striped bowl because it was stamped "Made in England" and this glass martini mixer that was covered in an inch of dirt but cleaned up nicely. Reminds me of a penguin. Don't know anything about it?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Estate - Crazy Crazy Mid Century Sale

These are my finds from the craziest yet mid-century sale. If I get a chance I'll post some of the sale pics. It was a house of a Jewish couple who in 1938, after Hitler's annexation, left Austria. They had wonderful cool taste. The house was filled with items I'd never even seen! Lots of old Herman Miller too. But boy was it expensive. Full blown retail and then some! All the crazed people were making me nervous so I left. Really need a camera phone!

I returned on the last day and picked these few items. There wasn't much of anything left. Sigh, born 50 years to late. Dansk teak round cheese board. SOLD

Rorstrand flora plate that for some insane reason I thought was by Stig Lindberg (the matching cup & saucer were gone) SOLD. Yellow and orange Erik Kold plastic storage containers, made in Denmark. SOLD. Have many that I use in my kitchen. But since these are bright and shiny I'll consider selling them. Two bright orange kitchen utensil, made in Thailand and now looking at the receipt I paid a ridiculous amount for!

Dansk bar board (for lemons) pull the handle an a attached knife slides out. That will wow the friends! Cost $7.95 in 1964. SOLD. Teak lattice coaster marked 'Danmark' SOLD. Large molded teak/birch tray made in Sweden. SOLD

Bright lawn cotton scarf "Creation' designed by Fisba Stoffels, made in Switzerland, for the sister.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrift - Canadian Mountie

Terrible photo again. Went on the circuit of thrift stores and this was all I found. Did I go too late in the week or is it a really long dry spell? 1960-70's Canadian Mountie pull toy made in Canada. Didn't realize the brim was missing, phoo. Bought it cause I loved the graphic. Cheapo snowball candle holder for my collection. Shiny red Japan lotus bowl. Another Boynton mug.

German Smoker & Ornament

Wow, I actually bought something new! A Steinbach tourist ornament (couldn't resist the little camera) and German smoker. Just realized they both have green hats and orange bodies (orange is my favorite color.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thrift - Treasure Craft

Finds from my fave thrift store and local Goodwill. Sorry for the weird lighting had to take the photo at night. Kept looking at these for a few weeks 'cause I thought they were cute and finally decided to pick them up. Paid $3 for this partial set of gold Christmas snifters to add to my Fred Press 'Fish' snifters (also a partial set) Vintage Hallmark tin with a bunny, squirrel, & chipmunk.

First time, I've ever seen or found Treasure Craft of Hawaii. This is item is called "Handi Tray" 1962 from Maui.

An interesting large white ceramic planter signed Young. Disturbing in the way it reminds me of a toilet seat. Perhaps it goes around a lamp or light? I feel that it's missing a piece. For Sale

At GoodWill I rescued this 1984 Avon tray and a Japanese lacquer tray (finding all the time now.)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Estate - Dansk Acorn Box

Couldn't force myself to go to any estate sales this weekend (though, I think, I missed a good vintage clothes sale) I did manage to drag myself down the road to one on the last day. The house was pretty well cleaned out. Passed on a set of white textured Bjorn Wiinblad Rosenthal tea cups, dinner plates and serving bowls & plates ect for $115.

The Bjorn Wiinblad 'Josephine' tile in the background was by no means a bargain and I have been unable to find examples online. However, on the back of the tile is a write up dated December 1989 of the Hotel Anatole in Dallas and the various works by Wiinblad residing there. SOLD

The IHQ Dansk teak acorn box is rare but has condition issues. SOLD. Little teak elephant. SOLD

Matryoshka Russian doll candlestick toothpick holder. Large glass bowl with leaf design. Found 3 or 4 small ones at the thrift store ages ago. I have yet to discover the maker which drives me nuts. Pair of Dansk iron and brass candlesticks. The droopy dog bank is marked 'My Toy Inc. 1971" SOLD

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thrift - Nambe Bowl & Snoopy

Nothing exciting from thrifting today. Should have gone to estate sales instead. Three Snoopy root beer glasses.

National Airlines glasses, circa 1965. A little $2 mirror for myself dated 1979 and made in the USA. Oh dear, it's makes things look very big! Milk glass vase. More Butterprint Pyrex for myself, paid $2. And 'Town & Country' Pyrex that match two other pieces I found. SOLD

Little yellow Glasbake bowl, found a pink one a month or so back.

Below, think I overpaid for the 569 Nambe Butterfly bowl because it's not in perfect condition. It was first designed by New Mexico sculptor Richard K. Thomas in 1967. This is a current release of the bowl that retails for $115. It's also made in America! SOLD

Little yellow Tupperware bowl. Green lacquer tray. Pair of Dorothy Thorpe style silver rimmed glasses SOLD. Pair of colonial Avon heads for the hubby. A lone 'Arabesque' Denby of England fork (1964-79) And a little cup marked Denmark.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Gift of Pyrex & Letterpress

So a friend gave me all this great Butterprint Pyrex that she picked up at the flea market for a buck each. How pretty. It's the pattern of my hubbies grandmama's Pyrex.

And my sister-in-law gave me the letterpress. I love gifts!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrift - TWA Glasses

It's been a long while since I've last blogged that I don't think it's possible to catch up. Ended up at my fave thrift store 1/2 hour before they closed (for some reason I forgot about the thrift store today.) Considering, I arrived so late I think I found some decent items!

Four Waechtersbach German red heart mugs SOLD. Pair of older tiny hearts mugs. SOLD.

"Spara Keramik" West German planter SOLD. Small shot glass that I have eight matching full sized glasses too. Three dutch style glasses that I found the matching martini mixer to months ago.

My fave find is the set of six TWA travel glasses SOLD. 50 cents for the little Butterprint refrigerator dish without lid. Unused white cloth gloves for the sis.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thrift - Blue Heller Mug

Stopped by the thrift store. Picked up a pair of Lillian Vernon 1984 Season's tiles. SOLD

Three yards of 'Covington Fabrics 5th Avenue Design' circa 1960-80's. My cousin recognized the teal Heller mug and picked it up for me - good eye! And a small 925 silver and Lapis horse pin that I thought was from Mexico but is most likely Turkoman tribal jewelery. How do I find out if it's an older piece as they are worth much more? SOLD

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thrift - Sea World Tiki Mug

Found these items with my sister at the local GoodWill. The Fire King Tiki 'Sea World' mug sold a few minutes after listing it. 'I Had An Idea' Glasbake mug. SOLD

Pair of 1984 L.A. Olympic mugs. Another pair of 80's rainbow mugs. SOLD This was the first time I've ever found Jadeite in the wild. SOLD And a teak endwood box made in Denmark. SOLD