Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thrift - Treasure Craft

Finds from my fave thrift store and local Goodwill. Sorry for the weird lighting had to take the photo at night. Kept looking at these for a few weeks 'cause I thought they were cute and finally decided to pick them up. Paid $3 for this partial set of gold Christmas snifters to add to my Fred Press 'Fish' snifters (also a partial set) Vintage Hallmark tin with a bunny, squirrel, & chipmunk.

First time, I've ever seen or found Treasure Craft of Hawaii. This is item is called "Handi Tray" 1962 from Maui.

An interesting large white ceramic planter signed Young. Disturbing in the way it reminds me of a toilet seat. Perhaps it goes around a lamp or light? I feel that it's missing a piece. For Sale

At GoodWill I rescued this 1984 Avon tray and a Japanese lacquer tray (finding all the time now.)

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