Sunday, October 30, 2011

Estate - Crazy Crazy Mid Century Sale

These are my finds from the craziest yet mid-century sale. If I get a chance I'll post some of the sale pics. It was a house of a Jewish couple who in 1938, after Hitler's annexation, left Austria. They had wonderful cool taste. The house was filled with items I'd never even seen! Lots of old Herman Miller too. But boy was it expensive. Full blown retail and then some! All the crazed people were making me nervous so I left. Really need a camera phone!

I returned on the last day and picked these few items. There wasn't much of anything left. Sigh, born 50 years to late. Dansk teak round cheese board. SOLD

Rorstrand flora plate that for some insane reason I thought was by Stig Lindberg (the matching cup & saucer were gone) SOLD. Yellow and orange Erik Kold plastic storage containers, made in Denmark. SOLD. Have many that I use in my kitchen. But since these are bright and shiny I'll consider selling them. Two bright orange kitchen utensil, made in Thailand and now looking at the receipt I paid a ridiculous amount for!

Dansk bar board (for lemons) pull the handle an a attached knife slides out. That will wow the friends! Cost $7.95 in 1964. SOLD. Teak lattice coaster marked 'Danmark' SOLD. Large molded teak/birch tray made in Sweden. SOLD

Bright lawn cotton scarf "Creation' designed by Fisba Stoffels, made in Switzerland, for the sister.

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  1. Wow, you've made some fantastic finds lately! It's been awhile since I hit a really good mid-century sale, usually it's just as you said about the pricing being high. The Falster credenza is great too, I've never seen anything like that at a thrift.