Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thrift - Nambe Bowl & Snoopy

Nothing exciting from thrifting today. Should have gone to estate sales instead. Three Snoopy root beer glasses.

National Airlines glasses, circa 1965. A little $2 mirror for myself dated 1979 and made in the USA. Oh dear, it's makes things look very big! Milk glass vase. More Butterprint Pyrex for myself, paid $2. And 'Town & Country' Pyrex that match two other pieces I found. SOLD

Little yellow Glasbake bowl, found a pink one a month or so back.

Below, think I overpaid for the 569 Nambe Butterfly bowl because it's not in perfect condition. It was first designed by New Mexico sculptor Richard K. Thomas in 1967. This is a current release of the bowl that retails for $115. It's also made in America! SOLD

Little yellow Tupperware bowl. Green lacquer tray. Pair of Dorothy Thorpe style silver rimmed glasses SOLD. Pair of colonial Avon heads for the hubby. A lone 'Arabesque' Denby of England fork (1964-79) And a little cup marked Denmark.

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