Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Craft Books

Thrift - Arts & Crafts Cowan Pottery

So I cried off thrifts and estate sales but only lasted for little over a week. And it's been an orange sort of day.

Four acrylic sea shell napkin holders from the old biddie store.

I lost the pics - pair of what I thought were ugly Rosewood lamps (see attached metal base) apparently sold at Scan Furniture. Pricy tag of $120 each they sold at 50% off. Overpriced $10 English mustard pot missing its lid, again this sold. Saw a lady buying a rather nice large blue English Wedgewood vase and planter at over Ebay prices.

Sick of wack-a-do thrift prices went to my fave thrift and found this Tomte / gnome on a candleholder log by Rolf Berg of Sweden SOLD. Bit dinged-up orange architects lamp but this one actually comes with matching clamp. Far back, is a green accordion wood peg mug holder SOLD. Trio of wood ladies from Nora Sweden SOLD. Couldn't resist the orange and picked up the atomic promo Tang pitcher.

And by far my favorite find for today! Piled in with planters and fake flowers, found this little uranium Chinese glaze Arts & Crafts Cowan pottery. Such a lovely finely crafted little vase its a shame Cowan went bankrupt in 1931. 

Forced myself to pass on Raymond Lowey Continental Script for Rosenthal, I love it but it just doesn't seem to sell, bummer. Cool Farmers mug from England but damaged and aren't worth much. Someone donated a lot of mismatched California Modern but most of it was damaged.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Copperhead Snake

Removed a juvenile Copperhead snake from inside my neighbors house today.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Estate - Bummer

This was a bummer estate sale. Was 5th in line a few minutes before opening which had me wondering why no one was there. Appeared that the family had cleaned out a good bit of the house. Everything was priced at $20-25 no matter what it was? I personally saw nothing of value.

Did manage to dig out of the basement this large lovely Brasilian Rosewood bowl by Jean Dobre. Passed on damaged Italy tray cause the quoted price was to high along with a Nymolle Bjorn plate that was priced higher than Ebay. There was a lot of Mexican birds, figurines and pottery all priced 4x that of Ebay. Everything seemed to be priced beyond Ebay which is probably why no one was buying.

The cats are from the worst cat collection I've ever see. Should have taken a photo. The mark was missed on the Baccarat cat which was lucky for me. Plus a pair of wood cats.

While I loved the textile design below, $50 I thought was to much of a risk for a piece covered in cat hair, water stains, a smaller suspicious (perhaps permanent) stain and a fabric pucker. In addition, the fabric would have to be removed from the frame to be professionally cleaned. Have no info on the artist Noss - V. Martius.

Some estate sale bargains can be enjoyed below.

Yardsale Fail

Went to 4 yardsale / moving sales this morning. This is typically what they look like. Always lots of candles and plastic crap.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Estate - MidWinter Stonehenge Out The Ears

My last sale for the day was down the road in an 1960s neighborhood at an old lady's house so I had hopes of lots of vintage. Not to be. Looks like she redecorated in the late 80s-90s and she really went all out Virgina Fox Hunting / Horse theme.

Did purchase a massive set of English MidWinter Stonehenge White (only a third of set photo'ed) It's very plain but hope it proves to be popular, a la Crate & Barrel.

Below, a Ralph Lauren Polo mug but discovered one of the two mugs had a cracked handle, boo. Bottle of Chanel No. 5, pair of Campbell's soup mugs, pair of mortars SOLD, yet another Matryoshka (set of 7) SOLD and a red Matryoshka perfume bottle SOLD.

The last photo of the sequined cap and the lamé clothing might be an indication of tastes?

If your interested in any items, feel free to contact me through my Etsy store: MisterTrue

Estate Fail - Christmas Ornaments Galore

Crazy sale on a modern lake house in a well monied area but of course I missed the crazy part and got the time wrong an arrived an hour after opening. The sales lady said there were 50 people in line at 8am so I don't think it would have really mattered. This woman had tons of German, Italy, Sweden ect Xmas ornaments. See the 1950s Italy hand blown animal ornament for $3. The Lisa Larson tomte was gone too. The sales lady also said a dealer in the first round came and bought all the ornaments.

The pricing was kinda weird as in all over the place. The house was cleaned out by the time I went inside. There was a couple a few minutes ahead of me that got some little Wendt Kuhn and Italy ornaments that made me blue in the face-they didn't even know what they were.

Spent $$$ on the ornaments remaining but they are so cute I couldn't resist!

There was a 3 piece coffee set sterling Tiffany for $1200.

Estate - Horrors Of The Shoe Room

Today was ungodly hot. And by today, I meant this morning but won't complain because I have AC and I don't do outdoor manual labor. First stop was a Korean estate sale. People full on sprinted when the doors opened (what do you think would happen if there was ever a food shortage?) Everything was crazy overpriced! There was even a heated argument at one point - excitement! Only bought a Kosta Boda "Zoo Series" by Bertil Vallien ... err, I paid to much.

The below apothecary chest was $575, no idea what it's worth but the Korean dealer wasn't interested so going to assume it was priced sky high. The walnut sideboard was $595! Not a funny joke for something so common and ugly!

Thought the glass pedestal bowl from the estate website photos was Iittala but not so - haven't a clue who made the set.The $4 floral vase is from the second sale. Look! Look! Look! My flowers from the florist come in that very vase too! Didn't know I could get $4 for it? Regret donating it.

The second sale was in a very nice part of town. Big house with money but soooo tacky! And soooo overpriced! Loved the shoe themed room! The things you see when you haven't got your gun. I've been spoiled these past few weeks and these are my downer sales.

The Shoe Themed Room

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrift - Umm More Mugs

Another Time Life Cook Book, a really neat expanding buffet server by Jaxton (sold a similar one by Karoff a few years ago) and some bright yellow egg cups.

Two childrens books by favorite illustrators, Lisbeth Zwerger and Trina Schart Hyman. Four Monday Blues mugs perfect for the office. Vintage 80s rainbow tin plus a house one. Was really tempted by the cute fingerprint Jewish mouse bank but the stopper was missing. Can't remember the illustrator.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thrift - Arabia Fail

Here are some things I passed at the overpriced thrift near my mom. Set of three Arabia Finland snack plates but all the cups had hairline cracks otherwise I'm sure they would have been priced retail. Why didn't I think to buy the plates? They are so pretty!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Estate Score! Erik Hoglund Candleholders

I've been slacking on posts recently but I had a very exciting find today. Of course, I completely forgot there was an estate sale down the road from me so I didn't arrive till after 2pm. Its a massive modern house (realize now I didn't check the garage)

The elderly daughter in the house told me her mother had studied at the Paris Le Cordon Bleu in the 1960s and that the first thing sell was her set of French heavy weight copper pots and pans, sniffle. Passed on a yellow Dansk pot for $25, yikes! Have a feeling all the really good stuff was cleaned out early. Most of the house was decorated in Americana/rural country, tasteful though not my style.

Erik Hoglund

Surprisingly, the far above monster Dansk board was still in the kitchen and priced to sell SOLD. I've already oiled it and the teak is lovely! Probably the the nicest Dansk cutting board I've found to date. But let me tell you, I got the shakes when I spotted the Erik Hoglund (alledgely) iron candle holders on the basement mantle! Found the metal stamp and sticker just now. If you remember I collect some of his work. And have been lusting after one of his chandeliers for years (yes, I know, where in the world would I put it?) This is my second set of candlesticks though my other pair are the above figural glass (I've never see another pair on the internet - if you have any info let me know!)

Below is a French wood paddle board SOLD. It's used to remove hot items from the oven (see cut out at base) and can be taken straight to the table to use as a cutting / hot board. Mom thought it was dang cool too! In addition, there is a Swedish style wood peacock candle thing SOLD, Dorothy Thorpe style glasses SOLD and a tall glass jar hiding in the back.

The books are from a yardsale and yes, you are seeing Little Miss Books! A wire egg basket SOLD - I have no idea why on earth I picked this up? Some vintage Xmas ornaments and knee huggers SOLD.

Below a bright pair of Dansk mixing bowls (sold a yellow set in the past.) A tiny Zanesville pot and USSR Matryoshka. Cast iron wall sconces, again have no idea why I got these, must have been high off Hoglund. Teak box ... still high.

Picked a cute 60s peasant style dress for the sis but forgot to take a photo. Course most excited about the Hoglund and really really want to keep them. Well, now to stuff items in the freezer or oil or clean them - the not so fun part!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moms Finds - Pendleton Reindeer Sweater

Some of moms finds for me from a few estate sales. Chinoiserie style red orange lacquer mirror. Red Rudolf stuffed deer and a Swedish Dala. The reindeer Pendleton wool sweater (Made in the USA) going to my thrift buddy Scott at New Documents.

The organizer below was formerly used in a sewing room. Plus an 80s cow moo tin. Thanks mom!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thrift - Hornsea & Danish Candleholders

Only things I managed to pick up this week thrifting, plus paid mucho bills for them. Enamel pair of Danish candlesticks (a rare find for me) Unfortunately, the old biddy shop decided to Sharpie all the scratches - hate when they do crap like that!

Couldn't resist the minty Hornsea tea and coffee canisters SOLD. I love anything Hornsea (also a rare find for me) SOLD.