Saturday, July 20, 2013

Estate - Bummer

This was a bummer estate sale. Was 5th in line a few minutes before opening which had me wondering why no one was there. Appeared that the family had cleaned out a good bit of the house. Everything was priced at $20-25 no matter what it was? I personally saw nothing of value.

Did manage to dig out of the basement this large lovely Brasilian Rosewood bowl by Jean Dobre. Passed on damaged Italy tray cause the quoted price was to high along with a Nymolle Bjorn plate that was priced higher than Ebay. There was a lot of Mexican birds, figurines and pottery all priced 4x that of Ebay. Everything seemed to be priced beyond Ebay which is probably why no one was buying.

The cats are from the worst cat collection I've ever see. Should have taken a photo. The mark was missed on the Baccarat cat which was lucky for me. Plus a pair of wood cats.

While I loved the textile design below, $50 I thought was to much of a risk for a piece covered in cat hair, water stains, a smaller suspicious (perhaps permanent) stain and a fabric pucker. In addition, the fabric would have to be removed from the frame to be professionally cleaned. Have no info on the artist Noss - V. Martius.

Some estate sale bargains can be enjoyed below.

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