Friday, July 12, 2013

Estate Score! Erik Hoglund Candleholders

I've been slacking on posts recently but I had a very exciting find today. Of course, I completely forgot there was an estate sale down the road from me so I didn't arrive till after 2pm. Its a massive modern house (realize now I didn't check the garage)

The elderly daughter in the house told me her mother had studied at the Paris Le Cordon Bleu in the 1960s and that the first thing sell was her set of French heavy weight copper pots and pans, sniffle. Passed on a yellow Dansk pot for $25, yikes! Have a feeling all the really good stuff was cleaned out early. Most of the house was decorated in Americana/rural country, tasteful though not my style.

Erik Hoglund

Surprisingly, the far above monster Dansk board was still in the kitchen and priced to sell SOLD. I've already oiled it and the teak is lovely! Probably the the nicest Dansk cutting board I've found to date. But let me tell you, I got the shakes when I spotted the Erik Hoglund (alledgely) iron candle holders on the basement mantle! Found the metal stamp and sticker just now. If you remember I collect some of his work. And have been lusting after one of his chandeliers for years (yes, I know, where in the world would I put it?) This is my second set of candlesticks though my other pair are the above figural glass (I've never see another pair on the internet - if you have any info let me know!)

Below is a French wood paddle board SOLD. It's used to remove hot items from the oven (see cut out at base) and can be taken straight to the table to use as a cutting / hot board. Mom thought it was dang cool too! In addition, there is a Swedish style wood peacock candle thing SOLD, Dorothy Thorpe style glasses SOLD and a tall glass jar hiding in the back.

The books are from a yardsale and yes, you are seeing Little Miss Books! A wire egg basket SOLD - I have no idea why on earth I picked this up? Some vintage Xmas ornaments and knee huggers SOLD.

Below a bright pair of Dansk mixing bowls (sold a yellow set in the past.) A tiny Zanesville pot and USSR Matryoshka. Cast iron wall sconces, again have no idea why I got these, must have been high off Hoglund. Teak box ... still high.

Picked a cute 60s peasant style dress for the sis but forgot to take a photo. Course most excited about the Hoglund and really really want to keep them. Well, now to stuff items in the freezer or oil or clean them - the not so fun part!

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