Friday, July 19, 2013

Estate - Horrors Of The Shoe Room

Today was ungodly hot. And by today, I meant this morning but won't complain because I have AC and I don't do outdoor manual labor. First stop was a Korean estate sale. People full on sprinted when the doors opened (what do you think would happen if there was ever a food shortage?) Everything was crazy overpriced! There was even a heated argument at one point - excitement! Only bought a Kosta Boda "Zoo Series" by Bertil Vallien ... err, I paid to much.

The below apothecary chest was $575, no idea what it's worth but the Korean dealer wasn't interested so going to assume it was priced sky high. The walnut sideboard was $595! Not a funny joke for something so common and ugly!

Thought the glass pedestal bowl from the estate website photos was Iittala but not so - haven't a clue who made the set.The $4 floral vase is from the second sale. Look! Look! Look! My flowers from the florist come in that very vase too! Didn't know I could get $4 for it? Regret donating it.

The second sale was in a very nice part of town. Big house with money but soooo tacky! And soooo overpriced! Loved the shoe themed room! The things you see when you haven't got your gun. I've been spoiled these past few weeks and these are my downer sales.

The Shoe Themed Room

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  1. Ridiculous! $595 for that sideboard? Must be the heat, it fried their brains before that went around putting out the price stickers.