Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thrift - Arts & Crafts Cowan Pottery

So I cried off thrifts and estate sales but only lasted for little over a week. And it's been an orange sort of day.

Four acrylic sea shell napkin holders from the old biddie store.

I lost the pics - pair of what I thought were ugly Rosewood lamps (see attached metal base) apparently sold at Scan Furniture. Pricy tag of $120 each they sold at 50% off. Overpriced $10 English mustard pot missing its lid, again this sold. Saw a lady buying a rather nice large blue English Wedgewood vase and planter at over Ebay prices.

Sick of wack-a-do thrift prices went to my fave thrift and found this Tomte / gnome on a candleholder log by Rolf Berg of Sweden SOLD. Bit dinged-up orange architects lamp but this one actually comes with matching clamp. Far back, is a green accordion wood peg mug holder SOLD. Trio of wood ladies from Nora Sweden SOLD. Couldn't resist the orange and picked up the atomic promo Tang pitcher.

And by far my favorite find for today! Piled in with planters and fake flowers, found this little uranium Chinese glaze Arts & Crafts Cowan pottery. Such a lovely finely crafted little vase its a shame Cowan went bankrupt in 1931. 

Forced myself to pass on Raymond Lowey Continental Script for Rosenthal, I love it but it just doesn't seem to sell, bummer. Cool Farmers mug from England but damaged and aren't worth much. Someone donated a lot of mismatched California Modern but most of it was damaged.

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