Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kosta Boda "Reindeer" Candleholder

Just bought this new for $80. Debating on whether to keep it. Designed by Bertil Vallien in 2005 for Kosta Boda of Sweden.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrift - Little Swedish Figures

Went to four thrift stores a good distance from my house. Haven't found anything at them in ages. Did pick up this interesting lint brush, the hat & brush separate from the lower half. Don't know anything about it. It's pretty well made and heavy. Another birthday Boynton mug (I finally sold one)

A red Erzgebirge Christmas candle holder it spins but is missing a gold star on a spike. Nymolle "Maroc" cup and dish designed by Paul Hoyrup. I didn't notice the big chip until I got home, dang. Yellow Danish Rosti server. Sheffield England "Made Danish" knife with wood handle part of a carving set.

Picked up three swedish ornaments in an Antiques store for my collection. The windmill is marked Svensk Slöjd, which translates to Swedish Handicraft.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thrift - Royal Copenhagen Teacup

After the estate sale I stopped at a GoodWill and another thrift store. A second Sandra Boyton stress mug. I keep buying these and I haven't sold even one. 1969 Royal Copenhagen of Denmark teacup for 25 cents. SOLD And my second Heller - Vignelli loaf pan. SOLD

Estate - Danish American

Today was an estate sale of a Danish American family. I arrived 3 hours after open and it was very crowded. The seller said he ran out of the 100 tickets before doors opened. The place was cleaned out of anything good and she'd had a lot of nice items from Scandinavia. I picked over the very last of the remnants. The prices were also very reasonable.

I don't know how everyone missed this a true favorite artist of mine. Found the signature on the bottom when I got home. Erik Hoglund hand blown bull seal decanter circa 1965. Free because of chips is a Figgjo Flint Norway mug "The Vikings" design by Rolf Froyland.

Set of 3 handrolled lawn cotton scarves by Lehner Switzerland. Still in business today. Cat batik hankie tag "a scandia print" 1966-7 by "lady heritage" Switzerland. Silk lined Italian leather gloves.

Vintage patterns & red metal recipe box plus 3 small Danish ornaments.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ehh, tastes a little pukey. Should have picked the apricot.

Thrift - Syracuse Restaurantware

First time, I've ever found a little Dansk spider candle holder at a thrift store. It's later production since it's stamped Taiwan SOLD. Unused hand-printed linen tea towel by Rodriguez, Australia SOLD.

Lilian Vernon "Winter" tile SOLD. Snoopy mug, made in USA. My third Big Hug Mug. SOLD And 4 Syracuse China restaurant plates, I have no info on the pattern. Production date U-4, April 1940. Onondaga Pottery Company. SOLD

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Estate Score! Arne Jacobsen Cylinda Fondue

On the way to the Post Office I happened to pass an estate sale with the worlds small signs. But boy, was it it worth it! Saw this baby from across the room! It's Arne Jacobsen's stainless steel 1964-67 "Cylinda Line" fondue pot for Stelton Denmark. 

Originally designed in 1952 by world-renowned designer Eva Zeisel, is the "Classic Century" teapot this is a current version marked Crate & Barrel, made in England. SOLD A small matte white "Van Briggle" of Colorado Springs pot I picked up super cheap! Guess, it pays to watch "Antiques Roadshow" on occasion. SOLD  

A silk scarf made in Italy for the sister. And the Richard Scarry book for myself. I hope to one day find some of his Big Books because they were a favorite as a child.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Estate - Dang Missed a Good One!

I've been terrible keeping up with my posts. The thought of having to wash everything just makes me to tired to take a picture.

Picked up the Boda snowball for myself at the huge house of a graphic designer. Passed on an overpriced 1994 Nambe S+P set. Why would you pay so much for a house and fill it with 80% IKEA? A few of us were joking over the prices of IKEA ware that was cheaper at IKEA. And people were lined up. Crazy.

I should have gone to the sale down the street from me (arrived 3 hours after opening) The house was packed full of funky items! So much stuff was still in boxes or just crowded behind furniture, a true diggers paradise. The prices weren't bad on most items but condition was an issue.

Only ended up getting a few things. The teak Swedish display with drawers was a very reasonable price. I think, it's to heavy to ship so I'll use it for my wood figurine collection. A little flower tin, a funky Coramatic clock made in Japan. SOLD And an unsigned Salt + Pepper set that I have no info on but aren't they cool! SOLD

A "Liberty of London" flower scarf for the sister. Blue flowered enamel copper dish that still has the "Sascha Brastoff California" sticker. SOLD Signed baby owl oil painting. SOLD Cork pencil holder. SOLD 

Oh, and I bought a small credenza that I have to pick up. Where do I put it? And a couple of design books that I forgot to photo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gift "Anemone"

This is what was waiting for me! Thanks to a friend's mother (she's from Finland) for the "Anemone" tea pot and cups by Arabia of Finland designed in 1960 by Ulla Procope and handpainted by another artist. Love them and use them all the time. Much admired by guests too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thrift - Irmi Nursery Lamp

Couldn't resist the little 1950-60's Irmi nursery lamp (aka Nursery Plastics) made in the USA by German immigrants. SOLD. And a never used sprouter dated 1980, still has the seeds, think they are any good?

Went to my old biddy shop as they opened for the Christmas season. Not one vintage thing in the whole place! And not one Swedish ornament, I think someone who works there is getting them before they even come on the floor. Picked up the rainbow mug. SOLD.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrift - Bahhhhh

By far my fave find today was the ram and his ewes! Even has a black sheep. Nice box frames that someone made. I can't believe no one picked this up!

Otherwise, there seems to be a drought on for really cool stuff. Teeny tiny 1960's Tensor lamp. SOLD

1969 Royal Copenhagen Blackberry vase, I paid too much. SOLD Russian doll missing baby. Homemade 1960's hand crocheted card basket. 1960's Napco mini Santa mugs, made in Japan. SOLD. Handmade Virgin Islands straw ornament. And in the background an 1960's electric hot plate. I love how they tried to jazz it up by using the iron Dansk candleholder, ha ha. SOLD.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thrift - The Blahs

Don't have much time but here's a photo of some thrift finds. Pair Taylor & Ng mugs SOLD. Donvier ice cream maker, I've already sold a few SOLD.

1981 made in Japan trash can. Made in Japan hanging bird plant pot SOLD. Porcelain heart box made in Germany SOLD.

Orange Tupperware container, made in USA. 'Twelve Days of Christmas' glasses in box, never used, made in USA. SOLD

Good quality basket for $5 for the garden. USMC Couroc tray SOLD. Recipe tin, made in USA. Christmas pin dish. SOLD Four Vera Christmas napkin rings, made in Taiwan. SOLD

Thrift - Gerrys Suck! Brits Rule!

Forgot to post this repro. WWI poster.

Thrift - Pendleton Throw

Pick up this 1960's boxed Pendleton throw on sale in my old biddy shop. It was originally sold at J.C. Penny, oh, how times have changed! It looks much nicer in person and has a wonderful textural weave SOLD. And some little 1950's German candle contraption.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Estate - Mid Century Brass, Glass, Rattan German Lantern

If anyone can i.d., this let me know. I purchased this from a German woman's estate. She had tons of mid century. It's stamped Germany but I don't recognize the mark.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thrift Score! Anri Form Condiment Set

The thrift gods were looking out for me. After I left the sale with the Bertoia chairs I stopped at a consignment store I've only stopped in twice before. Usually the place just has newer items. But this little piece caught my eye. I could tell the "Burmese Teak, Made in Italy" foil label was older by the text style and I loved the colors, the lids, the spoons and it was in mint condition.

At home, I found very few similiar photos online but every one mentioned the metal label? Running my finger over the label I could feel the tag underneath. I managed to peel some of the label back and look it said, Anri Form! I have no idea of it's value.

Estate - Bertoia Chairs

Haven't had a chance to photo my finds except for these four wire chrome Bertoia chairs. Originally, designed in 1952 for Knoll by Italy's Harry Bertoia. I'd say these were really popular 5-10 years ago, mine are dated 2001. While they were not the Design Within Reach (really?) $540 plus another $130+ for the seat pad maybe I a paid a decent price. Not a steal or a dealer would have snatched them up, right?
Think, I'll put them around the family room table. Course, I'll have to sell the chairs currently residing there. Oh la, my chair fetish.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thrift - Part Duex

Aside from the credenza here are some of the items I picked up. The only thing I found at the old biddy shop was the glass Chemex missing the wood collar (have 2 now) Had to explain to the ladies what it was - probably a bad idea, I bet the minute I left, they looked on Ebay. Did notice that now some of their mugs are $1 instead of the usual 50 cents. Paid $2.50 for my little Arabia mug the other day. I'm griping.

I was intrigued by the stack of Tupperware bowls because they have colored little plates inside (see pink on atop) Not so exciting, I find out they are for making ice cream sandwiches. An older piece of pastel TupperWare. I don't know why I picked it up, I don't need to start collecting pastel, since I already collect the 70's colors, sigh.

Little Hallmark 1979 angel ornament in green box, made in HongKong. Quail Couroc tray. Maple wood juicer, muddler and stirrer. 1976 Bicentennial eagle hot plate SOLD.

'Graymark Binary Clock' was originally a kit for nerds. Hubby stole it for desk at work and then it broke. Flower fabric last week I found the matching sheer fabric to this, will sell.

Bunch of little red cardinals. Tiny little Swedish Christmas tree candleholder by Gunnar Soderberg SOLD. A terrible handpainted ornament I thought to rescue. A massive leather belt with brass buckle stamped 'Made in England' Did you wear this with a prairie dress? For my sister SOLD. A lastly, very thick Scandinavian style woven textile belt.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thift - Standard Stamp Holder

Forgot to post these. Nice small graphic scale from England. "The Counter Balance" wheel scale made in Japan (I use this in the kitchen.) 'Standard' stamp wheel. I think, someone spray painted it gold, yuck.

Thrift Score! Falster Credenza & Top

Thrift - Kaj Franck 'Kilta'

Picked this cup up (sans saucer) a couple of months. It's Kaj Franck's 'Kilta' for Arabia of Finland. The line launched in 1952, it's functionalist form was quite revolutionary for the time. Pure form with no embellishments, it's concept was to be a democratic dining service both simplified and affordable to the masses. And no, Crate & Barrel didn't come up with the square white plate!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thrift - Arabia Anemone

Went to my thrifts today. From my old biddy store, little "Anemone" cup by Arabia of Finland designed in 1960 by Ulla Procope and handpainted by AR, I have yet to find out who the initials stand for? A lot of skill was required to paint the single tone blue. Photographs simple do not do the painting justice. While I originally thought that the cup might be missing a saucer it might be a stand alone mug? Confirmed by a Finn that there is a saucer to the cup.

At my fave thrift found tins from Belgium and England. And a diet scale from 1979 for my collection. Brightly colored Ulster linen tea towel "12 Days of Christmas" made in Ireland and never used. Sold.