Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thrift - Part Duex

Aside from the credenza here are some of the items I picked up. The only thing I found at the old biddy shop was the glass Chemex missing the wood collar (have 2 now) Had to explain to the ladies what it was - probably a bad idea, I bet the minute I left, they looked on Ebay. Did notice that now some of their mugs are $1 instead of the usual 50 cents. Paid $2.50 for my little Arabia mug the other day. I'm griping.

I was intrigued by the stack of Tupperware bowls because they have colored little plates inside (see pink on atop) Not so exciting, I find out they are for making ice cream sandwiches. An older piece of pastel TupperWare. I don't know why I picked it up, I don't need to start collecting pastel, since I already collect the 70's colors, sigh.

Little Hallmark 1979 angel ornament in green box, made in HongKong. Quail Couroc tray. Maple wood juicer, muddler and stirrer. 1976 Bicentennial eagle hot plate SOLD.

'Graymark Binary Clock' was originally a kit for nerds. Hubby stole it for desk at work and then it broke. Flower fabric last week I found the matching sheer fabric to this, will sell.

Bunch of little red cardinals. Tiny little Swedish Christmas tree candleholder by Gunnar Soderberg SOLD. A terrible handpainted ornament I thought to rescue. A massive leather belt with brass buckle stamped 'Made in England' Did you wear this with a prairie dress? For my sister SOLD. A lastly, very thick Scandinavian style woven textile belt.

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