Friday, November 18, 2011

Estate - Dang Missed a Good One!

I've been terrible keeping up with my posts. The thought of having to wash everything just makes me to tired to take a picture.

Picked up the Boda snowball for myself at the huge house of a graphic designer. Passed on an overpriced 1994 Nambe S+P set. Why would you pay so much for a house and fill it with 80% IKEA? A few of us were joking over the prices of IKEA ware that was cheaper at IKEA. And people were lined up. Crazy.

I should have gone to the sale down the street from me (arrived 3 hours after opening) The house was packed full of funky items! So much stuff was still in boxes or just crowded behind furniture, a true diggers paradise. The prices weren't bad on most items but condition was an issue.

Only ended up getting a few things. The teak Swedish display with drawers was a very reasonable price. I think, it's to heavy to ship so I'll use it for my wood figurine collection. A little flower tin, a funky Coramatic clock made in Japan. SOLD And an unsigned Salt + Pepper set that I have no info on but aren't they cool! SOLD

A "Liberty of London" flower scarf for the sister. Blue flowered enamel copper dish that still has the "Sascha Brastoff California" sticker. SOLD Signed baby owl oil painting. SOLD Cork pencil holder. SOLD 

Oh, and I bought a small credenza that I have to pick up. Where do I put it? And a couple of design books that I forgot to photo.

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