Saturday, November 26, 2011

Estate - Danish American

Today was an estate sale of a Danish American family. I arrived 3 hours after open and it was very crowded. The seller said he ran out of the 100 tickets before doors opened. The place was cleaned out of anything good and she'd had a lot of nice items from Scandinavia. I picked over the very last of the remnants. The prices were also very reasonable.

I don't know how everyone missed this a true favorite artist of mine. Found the signature on the bottom when I got home. Erik Hoglund hand blown bull seal decanter circa 1965. Free because of chips is a Figgjo Flint Norway mug "The Vikings" design by Rolf Froyland.

Set of 3 handrolled lawn cotton scarves by Lehner Switzerland. Still in business today. Cat batik hankie tag "a scandia print" 1966-7 by "lady heritage" Switzerland. Silk lined Italian leather gloves.

Vintage patterns & red metal recipe box plus 3 small Danish ornaments.

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