Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Estate - Arthur Umanoff Clock

Found the yellow plastic at my old biddy shop. Always pass on Oblique which I regard as commonly found copy of Hellerware but I liked the bright yellow and I thought the shapes were unusual enough. The four small yellow bowls are Heller designed by Massimo Vignelli, these are actually made in Italy (hah, thought I remembered these being first issue) "This ubiquitous melamine dinnerware, designed to be stackable in a compact way, originally was manufactured in Italy and won our first Compassa d'Oro Award for Good Design in 1964."

GoodW found the D. Burrow "Monet" mug by The Museum Company.

At my Fave thrift only found the Bodum glass (can't resist them) but when I was walking out I noticed hidden in a corner a huge 1976 oak wall clock by Howard Miller (son of Herman Miller the modern American furniture manufacturer based in Zeeland Michigan) It's a design that both repulsed & attracted me (like old men with money.) The clock was spendy for me (it's safe to call me cheap) so I went home but the folks on ThriftBreak encouraged me to return and buy the 16.5lbs solid oak behemoth. How this will hang from the wall without bringing it down I don't know but you better find a stud! My thanks to Straylight42 for the Arthur Umanoff ID on the clock! Now to sell the sucker...

Pendulum still taped to back

Image courtesy of Straylight42

Thanks - Yellow Copco Kettle

Gift from ThriftBreaker a Copco Yellow Enamel Teapot designed by Micheal Lax in 1962. This version was made in Spain probably dating it to the late 70-80s.

Being Preggers Shouldn't Stop You!

Course Being 16 Helps!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Estate - Mom's Finds

My mom just happened by an estate sale run by the family. She said things were dirt cheap but she'd come to late. She missed a lacquered Chinese cabinet with all the little drawers for cheap, waah. For me she picked up cork ashtrays and lighter while I love the cork and color I don't think ashtrays are popular this day in age. She found a ceramic Christmas tree SOLD how funny that I found one the day before. Cork jar. A Japan "House Rules" tray. SOLD

Handmade aluminum goose sculpture by Hoselton Studios of Canada.SOLD I passed on a large signed flock a year or two ago, duh. A Boda snowball for me, this makes 10. At this rate I'll have a nice table scape come winter. Vintage drink stirrers SOLD. Wood vase and some other smalls.

And a really old T.G.I. Fridays Menu. Look glass of wine for 95 cents. The company opened in NYC in 1965, who knew?

Friday, March 23, 2012


Passed on this Art deco Farber coffee pot with bakelite/catalin handle for $5 at the Blenko bottle estate. The chrome had a lot of spotting. (There was a large matching coffee urn but the handle was cracked, see below. Also passed on the penguin bucket) A mint one just sold on Ebay for $65. Did I make a mistake?

Yes, I did! Sputnik Housewares said pitting would clean up with Mr. Metal polish.

Estate - Tacky Christmas

Late start this morning but I still had to stand in line though just for 10 minutes. There were a few pieces of Danish furniture in the listing (you can see the photos at the bottom) of course they were gone in fact the entire house had been wiped out. And the prices I saw were expensive. Left within 10 minutes.

The second estate didn't have many people and the house was packed full. The woman's taste was super cheap froo-froo and the prices thought they were French froo-froo. Picked up a garish ceramic lite Christmas tree, missing one bulb. Two tea towels and a silk blend large Vera scarf. Passed on a few blue, red & white Vera scarfs that were too spendy.

Hit three thrifts in between and found zippity.

The last estate belonged to a hoarder with lots of Catholic Jesus pics. Opened a kitchen drawer to be greeted by a layer of mouse poop, yum. Looked like the large 1930's house had been empty for a year or two. She had a large collection of 1920-30s toasters and hand mixers. The basement was full of antique tools probably overpriced since they were all still there. Out back was a walled tiered secret garden (I need a camera!) that must have been a-sight-to-behold 10 or 20 years ago. I did see a sold smaller Danish teak credenza for $100.

The only thing I picked up was embossed "Jno. Greenhow Wms.bg 1770" bottle made by Blenko for Colonial Williamsburg. It's a reproduction with remnant foil label. Nice and heavy with rough pontil on base. prob. 1960s. Well, that's all I have to show for an entire morning.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Salazon Chocolate

This bar is yummy, it has tiny bits of salt that make your tongue tingle. It's local too.

Vosges Chocolate Bars

Whole Foods had Vosges bars for $3. Wish I had picked up more cause I loved the Gingerbread!

Malt Balls Fail

I was very excited to find these Malted Milk Balls at Trader Joe's as I adore Maltesers. Waaahhhh, what a disappointment! Can't taste a lick of chocolate! But if you like slimy oil than these are for you.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Early Spring Harvest

I forgot to post this from about two weeks ago. Since we had such a mild winter (thank you, excess airborne carbon) the garden either survived or bloomed early. Shapoopy harvested radishes, kale, chard, lettuce, turnip greens and some purple leaves?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thrift - Mom's Finds Nymolle

Mom found me a couple of things. A large ski theme silk scarf for my sister. A little Nymolle cup by Hoyrup with a cute port side scene. And a pair of orange servers. If anyone has any info on the servers let me know. Thanks Mom!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tor Viking Seconds

Thrift - Dorothy Thorpe Shattered

Am really behind on several posts of estate sale finds. Not to mention updating Etsy. Have been slacking these past few weeks and now I'm panicking with all the items to clean and photograph!

Stopped by a thrift store across from my dentist after having a wisdom tooth pulled-that's how hard core I am! Not to mention, I was so out of it that I forgot my wallet in the restroom. In addition to having a morbid fear of dentists!

Enough about that, I did find a January "Love" series mug designed by Kenneth Townsend. Plus, four Dorothy Thorpe silver rimmed wine glasses SOLD. Unfortunately, the glasses weren't wrapped well and one broke. It's so sad cause it was in mint condition. Just hate when things have lasted 30-60 years and then it comes to me and breaks.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Estate - Drink Please

This is going to be short and sweet as I'm tired and nothing shown thrills me. Walked in the door and saw a pair of Swedish teak candlesticks walking out. This Irish Catholic lady had a awful amount of stuff but all of it cheap and low quality-lots and lots of liquor bottles. No barware that I saw. Textiles and Christmas ornaments gone? Lordy, the basement needed a shovel for the hovel! I was a little desperate to find things as you can see.

Can't resist lotus bowls-I should really work on selling them. The woman in front of me had a little grey leather wind up mouse made in W. Germany and some other cute stuff. Think I missed anything decent. Did pass on a wood black and yellow sewing box that was quite swank-might have been a mistake.

The was a loud fight between two men for the days excitement. The man behind me in line said there were 100 people lined up before opening, sigh.

Estate - Arthur Umanoff

Found a pair of Arthur Umanoff slat bar stools for an excellent price. Circa 1950s. Umanoff designed a wonderful varied collection of bars, bar carts, shelves ect. Someone got to the other 2 chairs before me-poop. Bought for the parents new kitchen bar. I'm surprised - Mom & Dad love them!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thrift - Vera Scarves

Stopped at a thrift store near estate sale and picked up a few things. Little ceramic owl tea light, made in Japan. And a heavy glass concentric circle vase with polished pommel. If anyone has any info on it let me know.

For my sis I found three Vera scarves, a Pucci style and pale pink silk pony & steeple chase scarf. Left two Vera's cause the patterns were bleh.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrift - I Love Taylor & Ng

This is all from my fave thrift. Little plastic Rosti container for me, made in Holland. 10"diamenter Heller glass casserole by Vignelli but the top lid has a chip. Taylor & Ng mug SOLD. Sandra Boynton mug. And a cork desk organizer by Park Sherman, made in USA SOLD.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Thanks to Jenny for sending the new lid to the Tor Viking casserole. It looks great!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thrift - German Candle Windmill

At my fave thrift store picked up a broken Westclox alarm clock, made in Athens GA. I liked the color. Found the 1970-80s German Candle windmill hidden in a corner which is why I'm guessing it was still there SOLD. These are actually quite expensive to buy new.

At GoodW picked out cork backed tile by artist Cleo Teissedre made in New Mexico. I'm on the fence with the trivet. Two little teak coasters, once at home I found they are marked Frantz V. Danmark 1975. Thing is who is looking for 2 coasters? Also found with the coasters three teak smorgasbord palette plates, probably Danish-again will anyone want three?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrift - Easter is a Comin'

I've been laying low from thrifting lately. Went to my three usual stores without much luck. At my old biddie shop picked up some bird and rabbit Easter ornaments. At GoodW found a drink glass carrier, haven't seen one of these in years. The glass is from my set of 8 that I'm considering selling...