Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thrift - Finally Kaj Franck Pitcher

Almost decided to skip thrifting this morning and was a little late. Glad I did go 'cause I finally found a yellow Kaj Franck pitcher (though it doesn't have an animal on it) I think it's rare to find Arabia in my area. A lone white Heller mug hidden behind. Another pair of Dunoon Scotland mugs for some reason I really like Dunoon?

Orange flower and ladybug fabric, how cute. A Delta Airlines child plate manufactured by Pfaltzgraff. "Bo Boo" series was designed by Japanese textile artist Katsuji Wakisaka for Marimekko in 1975, this sold instantly. And very collectible Japan utensils, can't remember the line at the moment.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thrift - Not Russel Wright

Decided I was going to Bikram yoga in the morning instead of thrifting...thrifting would have been more fun! So went at lunch to my old biddy store and they had loads of scarves unfortunately priced high. Found a lovely abstract green one but had bleached areas (forgot my phone) Picked out the polka dot poly Vera scarf for the sis.

And vibrant green Dansk fish trivet / wall hanging SOLD and a cork Pyrex decanter SOLD - haven't found one of these in ages! Passed on a pair of Conant Ball chairs (which I thought were by Russel Wright, I was wrong) thrift store crack priced at $125 and I don't need more chairs no matter how comfy. Bombed at the other two stores.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Estate - Moms Finds

Here's what mom picked me up at the estate sale. Tiny little Raymond Loewy Continental salt, unfortunately mom put a hairline in it, sadness. Cute little pot with spoon SOLD. Three small (what I think are) canape or nut porcelain plates by Coalport, England. And 4 green napkin rings.

Estate Bust - Moller Chairs

This weekend there was another estate sale advertising danish furniture by my moms house. The fiasco began with the numbers left outside the day before being stolen and some old man was passing out his own numbers the morning of the sale - lets just say people were pissed!

The Moller chairs and table were sold before the sale day. He was asking $1000 but sold for $700. Mom said they were mint and would have looked perfect in my dining room. The nice credenza was sold the day before too. What's the point of the sale if your going to have a private one first. The Saarinen Knoll white set sold for $400 and is now for sale for $800.


Decided to go on the second day and there wasn't much left. Passed on a bright green Kartell bin cause of melted plastic damage, so sad. Some of the remnants found are three Boynton mugs new in the box, yellow enamel turkish pot SOLD.

Yellow Copco Spice rack. Silk Vera scarves for the sis. A ceramic mod vase by Naaman Artline of Israel SOLD and some little tin houses. Passed on lots of mismatched Rosenthal and very overpriced large collection of Swedish glass vases.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrift - Monster Blenko

Was early at my fave thrift and there was a crowd lined up again! The mob lunged through the door when opened and many ran for the bread baskets. Stuffing 3 to 5 loaves in their bags. Christ, who the hell needs that much bread! It'll just make you fat as all hell! And I could not see any staving people. Jesus would be sad at all these people scrambling over donated bread and greedily stuffing their bags.

Is it just me or was everyone running around panting? Walking around not seeing much I spotted the 19+ inch monster Blenko vase from a distance SOLD. Close-up I was surprised to see the Blenko sticker as usually these end up being made in China/Ikea especially at this size. Found the wooden tool box hidden with the baskets. I like it because of the bottom drawer. Bombed at the two other thrifts.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thrift - Fornasetti Style

Arrived early at my fave thrift store and there was a line! With doors open it was like a herd through the gate! I stood back not wanting to get trampled. Missed another super score, must have walked by an industrial sized smoothie blender for $8.50 cause I saw a guy with it later. Not to mention last week I was just telling my mom to look out for one for me! Bummer!

The tall tower is a 1981 USSR wood stacking clock, thanks to Sputnik Housewares for the id help. Russian Khokhloma canisters that everyone in the thrift store loved more than me. Pair of handmade servers marked Alpaca, Mexico made of rosewood and what I believe is nickel.

On the bottom you'll see a wire galvanized basket, a teak IHQ Dansk board, and a little Swiss music box SOLD. At GoodW the Fornasetti style sun ball (made in Western Germany) was frankenized with a pair of butterfly candle holders. Turns out it's a pair of ash trays that when not in use sit on your table as a ball, how cool is that? Thanks to Straylight42 for the id help.

Oh and I almost forgot a mid 80s teal green leather carrier satchel for the sis. Magnum PI, maybe.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrift - Bird Feeder (For People)

Hit the usual three thrifts this morning before grocery shopping, didn't expect to find much, so I'm happy with the glass feeder for people (sold a tall one last year, see below) SOLD and a Kelly green acrylic and wood bangle for the sis.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doggie All Washed and Clean

Chocolate Up The Wazoo

My dear neighbor gave me two chocolate bars from Germany. These brands are new to me but don't they look delicious? Tried to convince the hubby to try them for me, it was a no-go. Thanks Susan!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thrift - Alexander Girard for Braniff Airlines

Took my neighbor thrift with me, she bought a tin and I got all this crap! Nesting tins from 1977 SOLD. Hot pad illustrated by Sally Gregory Hesper in 1969 SOLD. A Lapid, Israel pottery dish, some idiot had Elmer glued felt to the bottom which had kept the name hidden. Fortunately the felt came off with water. 1970s small ochre and yellow table cloth. Flower recipe tin. And a brown Rosti Denmark utensil.

At GWill I was excited to find a set of Braniff Airlines coffee mugs designed by the great Alexander Girard. Braniff is best known for their 60s uniforms designed by Pucci (nice fish bowl) and later Halston. A NIB Mirro cookie press set, you can't tell from the picture but it has wonderful bright colors SOLD. A pack of vintage Gary Larson "The Far Side" Christmas cards SOLD. If they don't sell, folks will be receiving them in the mail.

A NIB set of Vitra W. German kitchen canisters. A Christmas mug (found the same one a couple of weeks ago) NIB colorful Dutch napkins and coasters that I hope someone will like. Hopefully, I can get everything cleaned up, photographed and listed soon but I'm super backed up.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chocolate Hoard from Ireland

Thanks to my sis for the chocolate from Dublin, now if I could only eat it...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thrift - Makio Hasuike for Gedy

Nothing from the old Biddy shop, passed on a glass plate that I thought was ugly. At my fave thrift, a blue cat Taylor & Ng mug with a chip though I was tempted to keep it for myself, passed.  Gone the next time I went.

Really like the Gedy, Italy ABS plastic bin from the early 70's by Japanese designer Makio Hasuike. Had found a larger one in white a while ago but the thrift had managed to crush it. Passed on this Ernest Sohn chafing dish/fondue several times until I realized the heating element was in the pot.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Estate - Danish Furniture Strike Out

Decided to go to an estate that was 40 minutes away not to mention getting stuck in lovely traffic. Turns out a guy I know with a MCM store bought every stick of danish furniture in the house. The rosewood Hundevad cabinet, small credenza on legs, massive table and Moller chairs cost just over 2 grand.

The only thing desirable to me were a pair of Aksel Kjersgaard mirrors that went for $50 each. Somewhat desperate, ended up buying two scarves for my sis; a silk Anne Klein Lion and bright flowers by Symphony, Italy.

Went to a second sale that was more than littered with crap brought into the house. In the basement found a Kosta Boda glass horse from Erik Hoglund's 1970 Zoo Line SOLD. Derby Mint Julep cup by Louisville Stoneware, a hummingbird feeder (I swear by these! Just make sure to change water every 3 days in hot weather otherwise fungus and bacteria will grow in the sugar) And last, a very pretty butterfly wing shawl maybe Japanese?

Thrift - Catherineholm Score

After striking out at estate sales went to a few thrift stores. Nada at the first two. At the third found quite the stockpile of danish goods. Two boxes of Dansk taper candles SOLD and two additional boxes of tiny tapers. Pair of Danish trays with glass inserts, bedside water decanter SOLD, Glasbake sister mug SOLD, large green stamp Chemex coffee maker SOLD. A little Danish studio pottery dish, Dansk lemon board and a Dansk cheese board.

Wire book holder, Starbucks mug, white desk organizer, an ear-less elephant wood toy cause I'm thinking I'll put new ears on him. A copper pot designed by Ernest Sohn, another damn Pyrex bowl and a small tin made in England SOLD. And alas, only the box to a Bjorn Wiinblad glass bell by Rosenthal. Plus a dinged up danish black Krenit bowl, seen in the bottom photo.

At the last stop I scored a Catherineholm of Norway fondue set SOLD and a very cool enameled tin can from Japan, marked B&D. If you have any info on this please let me know.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thrift - Dansk Flamestone

Didn't find anything at my first two thrifts but at GWill picked up a pair of Starbucks mugs. A Dansk decanter SOLD and three Dansk Flamestone plates designed by IHQ SOLD. Had to leave one plate behind because of chips. I wonder why I only find little bits & bobs of sets at GWill?

On the bottom are some items I passed. Gold embellished animal german plate that I thought was cute. Photo of the mark is included. Dansk decanter fortunately I found the top on another shelf. New Holland Pyrex casserole that according to PyrexLove is supposed to have a cork coaster. Gone the following day. Some orange juice glasses that met a terrible fate in the dishwasher. Some bird tea cups by Red Wing (thanks to thriftbreak) Half of these gone the following day.

Friday, August 3, 2012


No sugar ect. left me with a tasty mushroom soup and very dry pickled radish rolls, yuck. The hubby enjoy sushi rolls.

Estate - Kaj Franck

Went to a MCM house owned by a Japanese-American who was one of President Nixons staffers. He had excellent taste and the house was neat as a pin. The couple that picked the last two mcm estates were just leaving with everything! There were very few people around as well maybe because of the summer months plus the sale was a drive from the city.

Did manage to find a few things left and the seller bargained too, a real treat! My first white Arabia planter by Richard Lindh dated 1970 SOLD (have 5 dark ones too) Pair a gunmetal trigger mugs by Bennington Potters of Vermont SOLD. Older smoked decanter by Kaj Franck for Nuutajarvi, Finland and 5 super thin smoke "Rhapsody"? glasses plus a shot by Orrefors, Sweden SOLD. And a little grey German Darda mechanical flocked mouse from 1984.

Couple of glass jars SOLD, blue Turkish pot SOLD, 4 teak trays (one left), 4 adorable animals mugs just found that the doggy has a repaired handle, sadness SOLD. An 80s rainbow joy mug.

Had to pass on this huge basket cause the leather straps were broken and dry rotted. A lovely mod floral dress for my sister, the colors are much brighter than the photo. The pink flower print was cute but not $65 cute. If anyone has any info on the signature let me know. And a large blue glazed planter (not pictured) for the front yard (the pickers got all the gorgeous huge incised planters) One the way home stopped by a yard sale and found myself a puzzle for $2.

At the bottom you see two unflattering photos of the house that I promise was very cool.