Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thrift - Fornasetti Style

Arrived early at my fave thrift store and there was a line! With doors open it was like a herd through the gate! I stood back not wanting to get trampled. Missed another super score, must have walked by an industrial sized smoothie blender for $8.50 cause I saw a guy with it later. Not to mention last week I was just telling my mom to look out for one for me! Bummer!

The tall tower is a 1981 USSR wood stacking clock, thanks to Sputnik Housewares for the id help. Russian Khokhloma canisters that everyone in the thrift store loved more than me. Pair of handmade servers marked Alpaca, Mexico made of rosewood and what I believe is nickel.

On the bottom you'll see a wire galvanized basket, a teak IHQ Dansk board, and a little Swiss music box SOLD. At GoodW the Fornasetti style sun ball (made in Western Germany) was frankenized with a pair of butterfly candle holders. Turns out it's a pair of ash trays that when not in use sit on your table as a ball, how cool is that? Thanks to Straylight42 for the id help.

Oh and I almost forgot a mid 80s teal green leather carrier satchel for the sis. Magnum PI, maybe.

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