Friday, August 10, 2012

Estate - Danish Furniture Strike Out

Decided to go to an estate that was 40 minutes away not to mention getting stuck in lovely traffic. Turns out a guy I know with a MCM store bought every stick of danish furniture in the house. The rosewood Hundevad cabinet, small credenza on legs, massive table and Moller chairs cost just over 2 grand.

The only thing desirable to me were a pair of Aksel Kjersgaard mirrors that went for $50 each. Somewhat desperate, ended up buying two scarves for my sis; a silk Anne Klein Lion and bright flowers by Symphony, Italy.

Went to a second sale that was more than littered with crap brought into the house. In the basement found a Kosta Boda glass horse from Erik Hoglund's 1970 Zoo Line SOLD. Derby Mint Julep cup by Louisville Stoneware, a hummingbird feeder (I swear by these! Just make sure to change water every 3 days in hot weather otherwise fungus and bacteria will grow in the sugar) And last, a very pretty butterfly wing shawl maybe Japanese?

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