Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thrift - Dansk Flamestone

Didn't find anything at my first two thrifts but at GWill picked up a pair of Starbucks mugs. A Dansk decanter SOLD and three Dansk Flamestone plates designed by IHQ SOLD. Had to leave one plate behind because of chips. I wonder why I only find little bits & bobs of sets at GWill?

On the bottom are some items I passed. Gold embellished animal german plate that I thought was cute. Photo of the mark is included. Dansk decanter fortunately I found the top on another shelf. New Holland Pyrex casserole that according to PyrexLove is supposed to have a cork coaster. Gone the following day. Some orange juice glasses that met a terrible fate in the dishwasher. Some bird tea cups by Red Wing (thanks to thriftbreak) Half of these gone the following day.

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