Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrift - Monster Blenko

Was early at my fave thrift and there was a crowd lined up again! The mob lunged through the door when opened and many ran for the bread baskets. Stuffing 3 to 5 loaves in their bags. Christ, who the hell needs that much bread! It'll just make you fat as all hell! And I could not see any staving people. Jesus would be sad at all these people scrambling over donated bread and greedily stuffing their bags.

Is it just me or was everyone running around panting? Walking around not seeing much I spotted the 19+ inch monster Blenko vase from a distance SOLD. Close-up I was surprised to see the Blenko sticker as usually these end up being made in China/Ikea especially at this size. Found the wooden tool box hidden with the baskets. I like it because of the bottom drawer. Bombed at the two other thrifts.

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