Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thrift - Alexander Girard for Braniff Airlines

Took my neighbor thrift with me, she bought a tin and I got all this crap! Nesting tins from 1977 SOLD. Hot pad illustrated by Sally Gregory Hesper in 1969 SOLD. A Lapid, Israel pottery dish, some idiot had Elmer glued felt to the bottom which had kept the name hidden. Fortunately the felt came off with water. 1970s small ochre and yellow table cloth. Flower recipe tin. And a brown Rosti Denmark utensil.

At GWill I was excited to find a set of Braniff Airlines coffee mugs designed by the great Alexander Girard. Braniff is best known for their 60s uniforms designed by Pucci (nice fish bowl) and later Halston. A NIB Mirro cookie press set, you can't tell from the picture but it has wonderful bright colors SOLD. A pack of vintage Gary Larson "The Far Side" Christmas cards SOLD. If they don't sell, folks will be receiving them in the mail.

A NIB set of Vitra W. German kitchen canisters. A Christmas mug (found the same one a couple of weeks ago) NIB colorful Dutch napkins and coasters that I hope someone will like. Hopefully, I can get everything cleaned up, photographed and listed soon but I'm super backed up.


  1. Nice.. I just missed picking those same Braniff mugs - like a dumdum I didnt tweet it to thriftbreak. Next time..

  2. I know this a long shot .... but do you still have the german canisters?
    Thanks! If so, will you email me :O) gonemakai@hotmail.com