Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thrift - Another Boda Snowball

Got off to a late start this morning but doubt it matters with the slow thrifts. Found a pair of glass Heller canisters (have a yellow one in the shop) SOLD. Pair of milkglass milk and juice bottles by Carlton, hopefully, I can sell them. A melamine confetti bowl made in Italy, found a matching tray weeks ago SOLD. And finally another Boda Snowball for my collection.

Thrift - Vintage Ralph Lauren Mugs

Stopped by GWill, the first time since Christmas. Found a tiny German smoker. What I did luck out on were four Ralph Lauren "Stewart Plaid" Wedgwood England mugs from 1989. Wish they were the ones below, crazy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Antiquing - Turquoise Unicorn Lamps

Decided to drag Amy with me antiquing, turns out (for me) she has a good eye. The ice chipper is from Amy. The leather Coach brief is from the mid 80s and made in USA. Paid $65, it's for me as I prefer suitcases over purses and yes, I carry around that much crap! It fits a laptop nicely too.

The gold turquoise matched pair of unicorn lamps were expensive but how can one resist aqua unicorn lamps? Amy spotted 'em and was heavily lusting over them.

The little Sevi egg holder caught my eye last time so I decided to get it. The large Steinbach "Baron Von Munchausen" (riding a cannonball, edition # S798, Steinbach created another version of the Baron von Munchhausen following the issuance of this particular smoker (the hat is a felt hat instead of wooden, like it is here, and there are no feathers in the newer version's hat but this is the original first version. This is a retired, hard-to-find, first edition collectible, 9 inches, early 1980s ) smoker was 1/2 off. It's surprisingly heavy. I don't think they knew what it was despite the sticker on the bottom. A little Japan knee hugger. A heavy metal desk organizer by Deyhle, Germany SOLD. And a German Wendt & Kuhn fishwife miniature - don't think they knew what this was either.

Thanks to Amy for being a good sport.

Estate - House of Pee

Managed one estate sale that was described as "Art Filled" Har har, the jokes on me. The house had a strong nauseating sickly sweet smell - pee? The ceiling and walls were marked with dead bugs or something? Yep, knew this wasn't going to be good.

The sale was heavily salted with other people crappy stuff as all the tags had different names. Might as well have gone to an antique store with the prices. Anyway, I went for the wool blankets that I was hoping were Hudson Bay or Pendleton. There were a lot of blankets but turns of they were JC Penny 1960s, stained, full of holes and with prices at $20-30. In fact, the whole house was JC Penny and other low-end worn items. The only thing I left with is a very cool set of 11 mod paint drip TasteSetter glasses.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thrift - Sandra Boynton

First time thrifting since just before Christmas. At the old biddy thrift found Sandra Boynton invites and a Steinbach, Germany rocking horse ornament that came with the Taiwan soldier. Bust at the other thrift. Expect things will be slow for the next few months. Maybe I'll hit up a estate sale.