Friday, January 4, 2013

Estate - House of Pee

Managed one estate sale that was described as "Art Filled" Har har, the jokes on me. The house had a strong nauseating sickly sweet smell - pee? The ceiling and walls were marked with dead bugs or something? Yep, knew this wasn't going to be good.

The sale was heavily salted with other people crappy stuff as all the tags had different names. Might as well have gone to an antique store with the prices. Anyway, I went for the wool blankets that I was hoping were Hudson Bay or Pendleton. There were a lot of blankets but turns of they were JC Penny 1960s, stained, full of holes and with prices at $20-30. In fact, the whole house was JC Penny and other low-end worn items. The only thing I left with is a very cool set of 11 mod paint drip TasteSetter glasses.

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