Friday, March 23, 2012

Estate - Tacky Christmas

Late start this morning but I still had to stand in line though just for 10 minutes. There were a few pieces of Danish furniture in the listing (you can see the photos at the bottom) of course they were gone in fact the entire house had been wiped out. And the prices I saw were expensive. Left within 10 minutes.

The second estate didn't have many people and the house was packed full. The woman's taste was super cheap froo-froo and the prices thought they were French froo-froo. Picked up a garish ceramic lite Christmas tree, missing one bulb. Two tea towels and a silk blend large Vera scarf. Passed on a few blue, red & white Vera scarfs that were too spendy.

Hit three thrifts in between and found zippity.

The last estate belonged to a hoarder with lots of Catholic Jesus pics. Opened a kitchen drawer to be greeted by a layer of mouse poop, yum. Looked like the large 1930's house had been empty for a year or two. She had a large collection of 1920-30s toasters and hand mixers. The basement was full of antique tools probably overpriced since they were all still there. Out back was a walled tiered secret garden (I need a camera!) that must have been a-sight-to-behold 10 or 20 years ago. I did see a sold smaller Danish teak credenza for $100.

The only thing I picked up was embossed "Jno. Greenhow 1770" bottle made by Blenko for Colonial Williamsburg. It's a reproduction with remnant foil label. Nice and heavy with rough pontil on base. prob. 1960s. Well, that's all I have to show for an entire morning.


  1. Hi the ceramic tree do very well on Ebay. Is there a Atlantic mold signature on the base. Those do well. I love those trees and sell them at the Christmas fair :)

    1. Thanks-My one says "Holland Mold" I think the trees are adorable and a lit collection would look great at Xmas. My mom doesn't care for them-she just bought me one this morn. Pics to come.