Saturday, March 24, 2012

Estate - Mom's Finds

My mom just happened by an estate sale run by the family. She said things were dirt cheap but she'd come to late. She missed a lacquered Chinese cabinet with all the little drawers for cheap, waah. For me she picked up cork ashtrays and lighter while I love the cork and color I don't think ashtrays are popular this day in age. She found a ceramic Christmas tree SOLD how funny that I found one the day before. Cork jar. A Japan "House Rules" tray. SOLD

Handmade aluminum goose sculpture by Hoselton Studios of Canada.SOLD I passed on a large signed flock a year or two ago, duh. A Boda snowball for me, this makes 10. At this rate I'll have a nice table scape come winter. Vintage drink stirrers SOLD. Wood vase and some other smalls.

And a really old T.G.I. Fridays Menu. Look glass of wine for 95 cents. The company opened in NYC in 1965, who knew?

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